Bomb-Sniffing Pomeranian

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Bomb-Sniffing Pomeranian
Screenshot of the level Bomb-Sniffing Pomeranian
Level No.2-3N
Pre-clearThe musician and barista are due for check-ups, but seem to be busy with something. Find them in the cafe and treat them.
Post-clearBoth heartrates have been stabilised. The musician is exhibiting symptoms of being a sore loser.
Syou're a tournament champ, huh?
A (10)you're a pro, huh?
B (20)you play pretty good, huh?"
C (30)you play casually, huh?
D (40)you usually just mash buttons, huh?
Fyou've never played this one, huh?
Act 2 Night
← 2-2N Unreachable 2-4N Song of the Sea (Night)
2-3 Puff Piece

Bomb-Sniffing Pomeranian (2-3N) is a level in Rhythm Doctor. It is the Night Shift version of Puff Piece.

It is the first level in which the player has to juggle Oneshots that have a different rhythm from one another. It is also the first level in which two different voices for "Ready, Get, Set, Go!" cues can be heard, with Ian's voice dictating Cole's oneshot rhythms, and the nurse's voice dictating Nicole's oneshot rhythms.

The track was created by SoundCloud users @stinkbug and @coda. It is a remix of Artificial Intelligence Bomb by naruto.


The player treats Nicole, who is playing a videogame in the cafe after repeatedly asking Ian to set up his old consoles, and Cole, who joins in playing the videogame with her. The two play against each other in an increasingly intense session, that eventually leads to Nicole being the winner, as suggested by the post-clear text denoting "the musician being a sore loser."


[Level start]
NicoleSpriteS2.png Thanks for setting up your old consoles in the cafe, Ian!
IanSpriteS.png (You wouldn't stop asking me...)
Cole Spritesheet.png I've got like a hundred hours on this one. This match might be quick.
[Single Player]
IanSpriteS.png Okay...For Nicole's heart, listen to the nurse.
IanSpriteS.png For Cole's heart, listen to me.
[Two Player]
IanSpriteS.png Okay...Player One, listen to the nurse.
IanSpriteS.png Player Two, listen to me.


IanSpriteS.png Huh? Watch out!

[Interlude 2]

NicoleSpriteS2.png Oh, you're going Falcon?
Cole Spritesheet.png You bet!
IanSpriteS.png Oh no! Not Falcon dittos!!!

[Level midpoint]

IanSpriteS.png W-what's going on?! Pay attention now!

[Level outro]

NicoleSpriteS2.png Phew! You're pretty good!
Cole Spritesheet.png gg
Cole Spritesheet.png I think my controller's broken.
NicoleSpriteS2.png Haha, yeah right.
NicoleSpriteS2.png Doing the dishes can wait, let's go another round.



  • The dialog mentioning "Falcon dittos" as well as the S-rank achievement name suggests that the game being played is Super Smash Brothers, or at least an in-universe equivalent.