Lo-fi Hip-Hop Beats To Treat Patients To

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Lo-fi Hip-Hop Beats To Treat Patients To
Screenshot of the level Lo-fi Hip-Hop Beats To Treat Patients To
"My heart's pounding out of my chest. But, I can't stop now, I'm in the zone..."
Level No.2-1
Pre-clearPatient is a young musician suffering from supraventricular tachycardia. Administer the two-beat SVT rhythm treatment.
Post-clearPatient has recovered, but seems to be indulging in excessive coffee-drinking. Let's monitor his heartrate for future attacks.
S25/7 chill beats
A (6)24/7 study beats
B (12)10 hour study beats
C (18)2 hour study beats
D (24)1 hour study beats
Fcopyright struck
Act 2
← 1-X Battleworn Insomniac 2-2 Supraventricular Tachycardia
2-1N wish i could care less
"Phew. Now I can get back to work."

Lo-fi Hip-Hop Beats To Treat Patients To (2-1) is a level in Rhythm Doctor. The Night Shift version is wish i could care less.

It introduces Cole Brew and Oneshots.

The track was created by Patriice.


The player treats Cole in a modern style room with an open window of the outside garden. Halfway through the level, Ian treats the Samurai, independently from you, as the Samurai appears to be in a vibrant city outside a club during the night. The Samurai has very inconsistent 'beats', which sometimes speed up and slow down irregularly, showing Swing Beats, and go backwards after hitting the 7th beat.


PaigeSpriteS.png Ready for something new?
PaigeSpriteS.png Now we're in the Supraventricular Tachycardia ward.
PaigeSpriteS.png Patients here have two beats instead of seven.
PaigeSpriteS.png The nurse will cue you in with the phrase "Ready, Get, Set, Go".
IanSpriteS.png (She's picked up English now.)
PaigeSpriteS.png Remember her rhythm!
PaigeSpriteS.png Here, Ian will demonstrate first.
IanSpriteS.png These beeps are just for demonstration purposes.
PaigeSpriteS.png Now, without the guide beeps.
PaigeSpriteS.png Now it's your turn!
If half the beats are missed:
IanSpriteS.png Let's try that again. Try repeating the "Get, Set" phrase in your head to the beat of the music.
IanSpriteS.png Let's try that again. I know you can do it!
If half the beats are hit:
IanSpriteS.png Great, you're getting the hang of it! Let's move on.
IanSpriteS.png For SVT beats, it doesn't matter when the beat pulses.
If all the beats are hit:
IanSpriteS.png Wow! It's like you know all of this already!
IanSpriteS.png Perfect! But...I'm still gonna read out the full explanation anyways!
IanSpriteS.png As you certainly already know, for SVT beats, it doesn't matter when the beat pulses.
IanSpriteS.png Don't be tricked! Just always follow the nurses "Get" and "Set" timing.
IanSpriteS.png Even if the beat pulses multiple times, or pulse on an offbeat, just stick to the "Get" and "Set" timing.
IanSpriteS.png These "funky" SVT beats will normally happen without a warning, but for this lesson we will deploy a spider to induce them.
Farmer.png.png ...
IanSpriteS.png Oh, don't worry! This is a completely controlled enviroment and it's a medically trained professional spider.
IanSpriteS.png Before we do this... do spiders bother you?
IanSpriteS.png If you do not want to see a spider on the screen, press the button twice.
IanSpriteS.png Are you okay with seeing a spider?
If the player doesn't press twice:
IanSpriteS.png Ok! Let's meet the lil' spi.
If the player presses twice:
IanSpriteS.png Ok, we will not meet the spider. Let's see...
If the player presses multiple times:
IanSpriteS.png Wow, you really really do not want to meet the spider. Fair enough!
If half the beats are missed and the player did not press twice:
Farmer.png.png ...
[A giant spider enters]
Farmer.png.png !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Farmer.png.png ............
IanSpriteS.png Whoops, the Farmer broke. Sorry, Hugh. Please don't hate us.
If half the beats are hit:
PaigeSpriteS.png You've got it down.
If all the beats are hit:
PaigeSpriteS.png Woah, that was perfect.
PaigeSpriteS.png Do you play a lot of rhythm games?
PaigeSpriteS.png Your first SVT patient will need to be treated just like that.
PaigeSpriteS.png Keep that beat in your head, and good luck.
[Single Player]
IanSpriteS.png Hey. Don't mind me, I'll be treating another patient.
IanSpriteS.png Just stay focused on your own. Got it?
[Two Player]
IanSpriteS.png I'm gonna deal with another patient. J-just stay focused on the boys!
JanitorSmol.png That hoodie guy keeps tryin' to get me to listen to his electronic music.
JanitorSmol.png I'm tryin' to clean the toilets and he's hittin' me up with all these "24/7 chill vibe" things.
JanitorSmol.png I don't even know what the heck that means.
JanitorSmol.png I don't get paid enough for this...

2P Changes[edit]

  • An additional blue Cole is added to the level for Player 2, with his respective additional heartbeat row. This secondary Cole has the exact same heartbeat as the default Cole. Ian's dialogue during the first interlude is updated to acknowledge the secondary Cole, instructing both players to focus on their respective heartbeat rows as he takes care of the Samurai.


  • On the first early access release of the game, going on co-op mode allows Player 1 to play Samurai's section.[1]