Worn Out Tapes

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Worn Out Tapes
Screenshot of the level Worn Out Tapes
"UNBEATABLE - Check it out on Kickstarter"
Level No.X-WOT
Pre-clearThis patient says she's "totally fine," and her symptoms don't look too alarming, but something still seems... off? Keep an eye on her, would you?
Post-clearWell, that was... something. I'm actually a bit MORE worried about her condition now than I was before. Wait, there's a note here: "Go to unbeatablegame.com!" Who wrote this?
STruly Unbeatable
A (15)Keepin' the Beat
B (30)Never Quavering
C (45)Left on a Clef-hanger
D (70)In big Treble
← 4-1 Training Doctor's Train Ride Performance
"UNBEATABLE - Check it out on Kickstarter"

Worn Out Tapes (X-WOT) is a level in Rhythm Doctor. It was added in patch 0.10.0 as part of the UNBEATABLE X Rhythm Doctor crossover event with D-Cell Games.

The track is from the UNBEATABLE original soundtrack, created by peak divide & Rachel Lake.


Paige takes note of a new patient in the hospital, Quaver, who claims she is "totally fine," and asks the player to check up on her. The player then treats Quaver, Beat, Treble and Clef from UNBEATABLE, featuring backgrounds from said game. Quaver is accompanied with Swing Beats and fast-paced Classic Beats with spontaneous Row Xs. Beat is accompanied with Holds, Treble is accompanied with slower-paced Classic Beats containing two Row Xs at the start (xx----), and Clef is accompanied with Oneshots. After the level, Paige claims that she is "a bit MORE worried" than she initially was, before seeing a note that links to UNBEATABLE's website. Due to the meta nature of the pager's post-clear text, the events surrounding this level might be non-canon.


Has your voice been truly locked away?
Trapped inside these worn out tapes we've made
But maybe this is another dream I'll soon forget
So I'll put it with the rest and wait for you instead

I'll open my eyes to find it was just another lie
And you'll be there, somewhere to give me your reply
And I will

Press record just like before
Hear your voice forevermore
Save thе waves that resonate
From a worn out tapе

I will find you in time in my mind


  • Upon release, this level did not count for 100% completion. This was changed in patch 0.11.5.
  • Upon release, this level used a different version of Worn Out Tapes.[1][2] The vocals are noticeably softer, with the instruments subtly less audible in some parts. In a later patch, the level's song was changed to feature the same version currently uploaded to Youtube by D-Cell Games.
  • The vocals are similar to the ones used for the UNBEATABLE [white label] trailer, with the only difference being the speed of the vocals. D-Cell Games replied to a comment inquiring about the trailer's specific version of Worn Out Tapes, simply stating ":)" which indicates that the unreleased version of Worn Out Tapes is being withheld on purpose. This may lend some explanation for why X-WOT's song was swapped out for the officially uploaded version, though it remains unknown why the alternate version was ever included upon the level's release.


  • All of the rank text features a reference to UNBEATABLE.
  • "Heartbreak" for the F-rank is a reference to how UNBEATABLE has a health bar which reads "Heartbreak" if the player is at low health.
  • "In big Treble" for the D-rank is a pun and reference to the prominent character, Treble.
  • "Left on a Clef-hanger" for the C-rank is a pun and reference to the prominent character, Clef.
  • "Never Quavering" for the B-rank is a pun and reference to the prominent character, Quaver.
  • "Keepin' the Beat" for the A-rank is a pun and reference to the protagonist, Beat.
  • "Truly Unbeatable" for the S-rank is referencing the game's title itself.
  • The sprites for the patients' hearts are changed to resemble the same heart found on the health bar in UNBEATABLE.
  • On all of Beat's notes, a monster from UNBEATABLE will appear, remaining in place if the player misses the note, and being flung away if the player hits the note. This is a reference to how the player must hit musical beats in UNBEATABLE in order to fend off against monsters.
  • Technically, this is the earliest accessible level to demonstrate the mechanic of Holds catching other beats. 4-1N was the first level made to demonstrate this mechanic, and is also unlockable after completing 4-1. However, it is a Night Shift level which requires an A-rank or higher on 4-1 to unlock. In contrast, X-WOT only requires a B-rank or higher on 4-1 in order to be unlocked. This makes it entirely possible for the player to have X-WOT introduce the mechanic before 4-1N does.
  • It is also the only level that is not a Night Shift level and has Holds catching other beats.
  • This is the first and only collab level thus far to feature characters from another game who do not directly communicate to any of Rhythm Doctor's characters. The only mention of communication is in the pre-clear text for the pager, which mentions Quaver telling Paige that she's "totally fine."
  • Normally, when viewing a level, there is small dialogue text that appears above the featured patient, which changes after the level is passed. However, this level features no such text before or after the level is completed, making it the first and only level thus far to not feature this recurring text.