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Screenshot of the level Lounge
(The bird looks friendly.)
Level No.3-1N
Pre-clear[There's another bird in here? It looks like Logan is approaching it again.]
Post-clearThe adolescent is feeling better. Staff will make note of "therapy birds" as an accommodation idea for future patients.
Sthe owl makes a great friend
A (8)the owl listens, respectfully
B (16)the owl stares, quizzically
C (24)the owl does not understand
D (32)the owl likes to gossip
Fdon't talk to wild animals
Act 3 Night
← 2-4N Song of the Sea (Night) 3-2N Classy (Night)
3-1 Sleepy Garden
(The bird made a new friend. Maybe.)

Lounge (3-1N) is a level in Rhythm Doctor. It is the Night Shift version of Sleepy Garden.

It introduces the Owl's heartbeat pattern.


The player treats Logan as he vents his feelings out loud in front of the owl, upset by his inability to confess his romantic feelings to Hailey. He feels that Hailey has waited so long to hear him confess, that now he has to "do something special," and he doesn't know what to do. Halfway through the level, Hailey enters the room, asking Logan if he's okay. This elicits a panicked response from him as he pretends that nothing is wrong. Then, he tries to ask Hailey for reassurance on something he has been worrying about, only to find that Hailey has already left. He laments how he has missed his chance to confess once again and tries to find comfort in that the owl is still in the room with him, before finding out that the owl has also left.


[Level start]
LoganSpriteS.png I really want to tell Hailey how I feel, but I keep messing up!
LoganSpriteS.png She's waited so long, now I feel like I need to do something special.
LoganSpriteS.png Ugh...what do I do? And why am I venting my feelings out to a bird?!

[Level midpoint]

[Hailey enters]
LoganSpriteS.png Woah, Hailey! How long have you been standing there?
HaileySpriteS.png Not very long.
HaileySpriteS.png Are you doing okay?
LoganSpriteS.png Doing fine! Just hanging out with this owl. Everything's good!
HaileySpriteS.png Okay...if you say so.


LoganSpriteS.png I know this is a silly thing to worry about, but I was kind of-
[Hailey exits]
LoganSpriteS.png ...oh, you left.

[Level outro]

LoganSpriteS.png Man, I just missed my chance again, huh?
LoganSpriteS.png Oh well. At least you're still here.
[Owl exits]
LoganSpriteS.png Oh...