Beans Hopper

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Beans Hopper
Screenshot of the level Beans Hopper
"Samurai is jumping over a box of beans"
Level No.2-B1
Pre-clearSamurai is jumping over a box of beans
Post-clearSamurai is jumping over a box of beans (Best Score: X)
S (60+)That was amazing!
A (40+)Great job!
B (30+)Great job!
C (20+)Don't give up!
D (10+)Don't give up!
F (0+)Listen to the nurse's cues and hop over those beans!
Act 2
← 2-X All The Times
"Samurai is jumping over a box of beans"

Beans Hopper (2-B1) is a bonus level in Rhythm Doctor.


2-B1 is a simple mini-game bonus level, in which you have to press the key to make Samurai jump, to dodge the bean box. This mini-game works differently compared to most levels; the rank the player achieves is dependent on their score, which increases by 1 every time the player jumps over the box. If the player ever fails to jump over the box, the level instantly ends. The level will also end if a score of 250 is reached.

While visually different, this mini-game uses a mechanic nearly identical to Oneshots in which the player must listen to the Nurse's "Ready, Get, Set, Go!" cue to jump over the box. There are several different patterns of Oneshot beats in the level, lasting for a varying amount of inputs, given to the player at random during each level attempt. Only the first twelve inputs are guaranteed to give the same pattern, with any inputs afterward subject to one of many possible patterns. Once the level has been played, the pager will update to reflect the player's current high score.


  • This level was created by GDColon in the level editor. They used the song Let's Practice! from the Rhythm Heaven soundtrack as a placeholder.[1] A remix of said placeholder would end up being the final song for 2-B1.
  • At launch, this level had a bug where the player's ranking would start as an S-rank, and would decrease as the level progressed.[2]


  • According to GDColon, the reason that this level ends when the player achieves a score of 250 is because of issues pertaining to song looping.[3]
  • Upon achieving 250 points, the Samurai floats to the air, abruptly ending the mini-game and displaying a message on the rank screen that reads "You Win!!!?"[4]
  • This mini-game was inspired by Rhythm Heaven's Endless Games, a place where the player can play rhythm games that go on endlessly, only ending when a certain amount of mistakes are made.
  • This mini-game briefly features in Dreams Don't Stop, with Lucky standing to the left of Hailey watching. In the second half, a 'Night Shift' version of the minigame is shown.