Art Exercise

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Art Exercise
Screenshot of the level Art Exercise
"Can you help me with a drawing?"
Level No.X-1
Pre-clearThis patient doesn't seem to be feeling well. She's sitting in the corner with some kind of sketchbook.
Post-clearPatient's "art block" has been cured. [Should I get her autograph in case she becomes famous?]
SWoah...we're the perfect team! Let's get a shared sketchbook!
A (5)That was fun! We should do this again!
B (10)That was pretty fun!
C (15)That didn't go quite as planned, but...oh well!
D (20)They were really wonky, but I tried my best...
FTry to keep the pencil on the page!
Art Room
← X-0 Helping Hands
"Thanks, that came out great!"

Art Exercise, also known as Young Love or Doodling (X-1) is a level in Rhythm Doctor.

It is currently the last non-collaboration level in the Early Access build. It properly introduces Lucia.

The track was created by BoxCat Games.


Hailey stumbles upon Lucia, struggling with an artist's block. Lucia asks Hailey to participate in an art exercise where Hailey draws scribbles and Lucia turns it into drawings. The player treats Lucia as Hailey draws various scribbles on Lucia's sketchbook, with Lucia turning it into various drawings; She draws a picture of Hailey, a grumpy alligator, a T-Rex, a "sneaky dude [...] up to no good," a woman with a long nose, a chubby bird sitting on a branch, and finally, a self-portrait of herself. She thanks Hailey for participating in the exercise with her, and tells her that they should do more scribbles another time. Ian and Paige then thank the player for treating all available patients in the Early Access version of Rhythm Doctor as the level ends.


2-player mode[edit]

Player 1 treats Lucia, while player 2 treats Hailey. Player 2 only plays squareshots, while player 1 only plays classic beats. Unlike the 1-player version, there are multiple squareshots interspersed throughout each phrase.


[Level start]
LuciaSpriteS.png Oh...hi. As you can see, I'm kind of stuck right now. Some artist's block.
LuciaSpriteS.png Hmm...wait, maybe you can help...?
LuciaSpriteS.png I know a fun lil' thing we can do!
LuciaSpriteS.png just draw a big scribble. Just a couple of random lines.
LuciaSpriteS.png Then I'll look at it and turn it into something. Make sense? Just draw some big lines across the page!


LuciaSpriteS.png Hmm...let's see...
LuciaSpriteS.png I think I've got something!
LuciaSpriteS.png It'! I was kinda just looking around at what was nearby, haha.
LuciaSpriteS.png Gimme another scribble!

[Interlude 2]

LuciaSpriteS.png Hmm...
LuciaSpriteS.png A...grumpy alligator! Keep 'em coming!

[Interlude 3]

LuciaSpriteS.png It's a T-Rex! With a, uh...plate of big meat. Like in those old games? Heheh...

[Interlude 4]

LuciaSpriteS.png Pfffhahaha oh my godddd...I'm sorry...I saw it and I had to. Look at this sneaky dude! Up to no good!!!

[Interlude 5]

LuciaSpriteS.png It's uh...a woman...with a long nose. Sorry, these can't all be winners, haha.

[Interlude 6]

LuciaSpriteS.png A chubby bird sitting on a lil' branch! Ahh...this one's pretty cute?

[Level outro]

LuciaSpriteS.png Hmmmmm...
LuciaSpriteS.png When in doubt, self-portrait!
LuciaSpriteS.png Ah...I love doing this with someone. It's just kinda fun, right? We should do more.
LuciaSpriteS.png Next time let's design a bunch of really messed up monsters or something. Like an RPG...! It'll be fun!
IanSpriteS.png Congratulations on completing all of the patients in the Early Access version of Rhythm Doctor!
PaigeSpriteS.png You've helped a lot of people around here. We can't wait to get more of your help in the future!
JanitorSmol.png Did you see that girl that does the drawings?
JanitorSmol.png She drew me, once! I still have the picture at home.
JanitorSmol.png I've never looked better!


  • Before the Muse Dash collab was added to the game, this was the only level to feature Squareshots. It featured no tutorial for these Squareshots, simply relying on firsthand demonstration for the player to understand the mechanic. Once the Muse Dash collab levels were added, however, a proper tutorial was incorporated in MD-1. Lastly, Dreams Don't Stop now introduces Squareshots within the main story levels, meaning that X-1 can no longer be played before the player understands the mechanic.
  • Before the Act 5 update, this was the only non-collaboration level to incorporate the use of Squareshots.
  • Before the Act 5 update, this was the first time the player could see Lucia, as a patient or character, show up within a main story level. In Dreams Don't Stop (5-X), Lucia now makes her first indirect appearance as one of the patients being coached by Lucky.