All The Times

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All The Times
Screenshot of the level All The Times
"My mind is spinning. Would it be crazy to walk up and say something...?"
Level No.2-X
BPM90.5, 145
Pre-clearThe musician and barista are experiencing a heightened SVT episode. Keep steady with your two-beat treatment, no matter what.
Post-clearPatients' heartbeats are stabilised. The musician should be watched in case he runs back off to the cafe again.
PassBeat the level with less than 16 misses
Act 2
← 2-4 Song of the Sea 3-1 Sleepy Garden
2-B1 Beans Hopper
"If we're stuck here everyday, at least we have each other."

All The Times (2-X) is a level in Rhythm Doctor.

It is the second boss level in the game. It introduces Window Dance.


The player treats Cole and Nicole through their chest pains, as they remain in their separate rooms. Like the prior boss level, the Connectifia Abortus virus is present and actively interferes in the level. Through the level, Cole and Nicole sing about each other, making lyrical references toward their addictions and their desire to see each other. Motivated by a strong emotional realization that strikes them both, Cole abruptly leaves his room, running down the hall in a dash to go see Nicole. The level ends with him barging into the cafe, panting out of exhaustion, as she looks at him in surprise. He then lifts up his head, smiling.

After the level, Cole asks for extra time to stay with Nicole as she closes up shop, to which Paige readily obliges. He then remarks that the doctors shouldn't worry about him, claiming that he's found a way to make music without the use of caffeine, hinting that Nicole is his newfound inspiration. Ian then runs in, out of breath, telling the player and Paige that the virus had once again appeared, but that the player had already taken care of both patients before he could inform them. Paige then instructs the player to move back to the Main Ward, saying that they'll check up on Cole and Nicole another day.


IanSpriteS.png H-hey! Where'd he go?!

[On fails before Interlude]

On first fail:
PaigeSpriteS.png Oh dear. Let's try it again, from the top.
PaigeSpriteS.png Try to keep the beat as consistent as you can!
On second fail:
PaigeSpriteS.png Their hearts cracked...
PaigeSpriteS.png It looks like the signal is getting distorted again. Don't be tricked!
On third fail:
PaigeSpriteS.png Try stomping your feet in time with the beat!
PaigeSpriteS.png You won't be able to rely on your eyes with this one.
On fourth fail:
PaigeSpriteS.png This is tough.
PaigeSpriteS.png Give it another go, you can do this!
On fifth fail:
Cole Spritesheet.png What is all this stuff outside of the game window?
Cole Spritesheet.png Is this your desktop...?
Cole Spritesheet.png After I'm done with this song, maybe I'll go jump around and have some fun.
Cole Spritesheet.png I could rearrange all your files, or something. Oh! Or play music!
Cole Spritesheet.png Like one of those digital pets that lives on your computer.
Cole Spritesheet.png Sick. I always wanted one of those.
On the four subsequent fails:
[Variant 1]
PaigeSpriteS.png The song is intense, but the beat stays consistent.
PaigeSpriteS.png You can do it. Don't trust your eyes, use your ears!
[Variant 2]
PaigeSpriteS.png Just stay calm, and give it another try!
PaigeSpriteS.png I believe in you!
On tenth fail:
Cole Spritesheet.png I had no idea you liked to sing, too.
Cole Spritesheet.png You sound great.
NicoleSpriteS2.png Thanks! You too.
Cole Spritesheet.png We should record together and throw this up onto BandCloud after this.
NicoleSpriteS2.png Hahaha, does everything you do have be [sic] turned into content for your social media?
Cole Spritesheet.png Gotta keep the followers pleased.
NicoleSpriteS2.png Yeah? All your adoring fans?
NicoleSpriteS2.png How many are there again? Lemme check real quick, let me get my phone...
Cole Spritesheet.png Wait, don't look at the follower count!
On the subsequent fail:
[Variant 1] or [Variant 2] is displayed
On twelfth fail:
Cole Spritesheet.png (My feels connected to Nicole's somehow. Like they're beating together.)
NicoleSpriteS2.png (Every day has felt exactly the same. Boring. Tiring.)
NicoleSpriteS2.png (But then that guy in the hoodie showed up. And each day I see him, I...)
PaigeSpriteS.png ...
NicoleSpriteS2.png Um...with all due respect, you need to stare at us during the procedure?
PaigeSpriteS.png Oh! Sorry. Uh. I guess not?
Cole Spritesheet.png We're kind of having a moment, here.
Cole Spritesheet.png You're killing the vibe.
PaigeSpriteS.png R-right...maybe I'll just...let the intern operate and let you two sing your song.
Cole Spritesheet.png Thanks. And maybe shoo away the other eavesdroppers.
Cole Spritesheet.png Don't think I can't see you, Samurai guy.
Samurai V1.png ...
Cole Spritesheet.png And you too, janitor dude.
JanitorSmol.png (I'm literally just walking around, doing my job...)
Cole Spritesheet.png Get out! I'm in the zone!
On any subsequent fails:
[Variant 1] or [Variant 2] is displayed

[On fails after Interlude]

On first fail:
PaigeSpriteS.png Agh, this is tough.
PaigeSpriteS.png You're trying to treat two different people and they won't even stay still.
PaigeSpriteS.png Just try to feel the song in your head and stay focused!
On second fail:
PaigeSpriteS.png Please, Cole, return to your room so we can calm your heart down!
Cole Spritesheet.png No! You don't get it...
Cole Spritesheet.png All this time, I've been making music alone, digging deeper inside myself for inspiration.
Cole Spritesheet.png To end up in this place and actually meet someone who cares about what I do and is happy to see me...
Cole Spritesheet.png Just let us have this one moment, okay?!
On third fail:
PaigeSpriteS.png Mr Brew, please go back to your room so Ian can come and treat you!
Cole Spritesheet.png I can't! I need to see Nicole!
Cole Spritesheet.png ...she's the only one who has made me feel any spark, any motivation to keep writing!
On fourth fail:
IanSpriteS.png Cole! Come back! You're supposed to be in your room!
IanSpriteS.png (Why can't anybody just stay chill and stay in their bed around here?)
On the subsequent fail:
Third fail dialogue is displayed
On sixth fail:
PaigeSpriteS.png Are you okay?
NicoleSpriteS2.png Yeah, I think so.
NicoleSpriteS2.png My heart is pounding, my vision is swirling, doesn't hurt.
NicoleSpriteS2.png What is this feeling?
On any subsequent fails:
Fourth or sixth fail dialogue is displayed
Cole Spritesheet.png Phew. That was crazy.
Cole Spritesheet.png Thought my heart was gonna jump outta my chest.
NicoleSpriteS2.png Same, haha...
PaigeSpriteS.png You were able to treat them both at once. Perfect!
Cole Spritesheet.png Oh, the doc is here. Guess I probably gotta go back to my room, haha.
Cole Spritesheet.png But, er...maybe I could hang out here just a little longer? While Nicole closes up?
NicoleSpriteS2.png I could whip up something decaf for him. Promise.
PaigeSpriteS.png Fair enough. You're not in trouble or anything. (Why do I sound like a schoolteacher?)
Cole Spritesheet.png Y'know doc, I don't think you guys should worry about me.
Cole Spritesheet.png That thing you said, about finding inspiration to keep making music...
Cole Spritesheet.png ...I think I can do it. Without the caffeine.
PaigeSpriteS.png That's great news!
PaigeSpriteS.png Habits are tough to change, but having someone to cheer you on always helps.
IanSpriteS.png Hah...hah...I'm here...
IanSpriteS.png Finally, Cole. There you are.
Cole Spritesheet.png (Oh yeah, I kind of gave him the slip, huh.)
PaigeSpriteS.png You alright, Ian?
IanSpriteS.png Y-Yeah...I was running as fast as I could to tell you that virus Connectifia Abortus was detected again. This time, in Cole and the barista.
IanSpriteS.png I was rushing to find you, but uh...i-it looks like you already handled it.
IanSpriteS.png G-good job, I guess?
PaigeSpriteS.png Very punctual.
PaigeSpriteS.png Anyway, these two seem to be feeling much better.
PaigeSpriteS.png We'll check in on them tomorrow.
PaigeSpriteS.png Whenever you're ready, let's head back to the Main Ward.
JanitorSmol.png Just when I thought things couldn't get any weirder around here...
JanitorSmol.png ...that hoodie dude and the coffee girl are singing at each other across the hall.
JanitorSmol.png And y'know what? I can dig it.
JanitorSmol.png I've always been a sucker for a cute duet. Keeps things lively around here.


[Verse 1]
I just can't refrain
Bitterness so quaint
One more shot, never again
All the excuses, always the same
All the times, I tried
I just couldn't get over you
I just cannot hide
The satisfaction you can brew
One more sip embraced
My worries disappear for a while
Then it all comes... comes kicking in

(Let's go!)
(Drop it!)

[Verse 2]
They tell me it's alright
They say that I'll get through
But however hard that I try
I just cannot get over you
When it all comes... kicking in again

(Drop it!)

Now I'm shaken, stirred, awakened
It's taken this pain, to realize the truth
You have been through
All the things I've been through
You can be my muse
I'll write these songs for you
Now I'm shaken, stirred, awakened
It's taken this pain, to realize the truth
So take the craving, take away the craving
Please take away the craving from me

[Verse 3]
I... can't stay away from you
I... I'll make my way to you
No more tries and no more nights
Will keep me away from you
I've finally found, in you, the key to set me free
At least I hope you will be

那苦涩 欲望
再一杯 让我释放
熟悉的借口 我已投降
你的诱惑 我来品尝

(Drop it!)

你的诱惑 是我的毒药

(Drop it!)

我喜欢你 令我清醒
是这种阵痛 为你我执迷
你也曾经 经历这些曾经
为你写首歌 是我给你崇敬
我喜欢你 令我清醒
是这种阵痛 为你我执迷
不要再憧憬 不要再憧憬



我 不会再向你奔跑
不再挣扎 不再渴望
你就使我醉 又永远给我希望


  • The original version of this level and song was incomplete. Initially, the level did not continue after the second verse, abruptly ending soon after. A full version of the level and song would be present upon the game's Steam release.


  • The final beat of this level is heart-shaped. This has no difference in gameplay and is simply meant to signify the strong emotions Cole is feeling toward Nicole.
  • The janitor's dialogue mentions "that hoodie dude and coffee girl [were] singing at each other across the hall." Additionally, the fail dialogue mentions explicitly that Cole and Nicole are singing together. This confirms that the song for 2-X is, in-universe, being sung by the two of them.
  • Technically, this is the first level to introduce the player treating more than one patient at the same time. However, Nicole and Cole's heartbeats are synced on the exact same beat, so there is no difference in terms of actual gameplay. As such, this level does not introduce juggling multiple rows of different heartbeats.
  • The voice clip "Let's go!" used in the song is sampled from the easter egg at the end of One Shift More.