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"I just need to survive rush hour. This job is such a drag..."
First appearancePuff Piece
Internal nameSmokinBarista
Voiced byxdianna & Jyi Sim
In-universe information
Full nameNicole Ting
Alias (es)coffee girl

Nicole Ting is a character that appears in Rhythm Doctor. She works at the hospital's cafe as a barista and makes her first appearance in Puff Piece. She uses exclusively Oneshot Beats and Swung Oneshots.


Nicole has light green hair tied back in a ponytail, and light skin. Her work uniform consists of a white button-up shirt with rolled up sleeves, navy blue pants, black shoes, and an ocean-green apron layered over her shirt. She appears to be taller than most of the Rhythm Doctor cast, though she is still shorter than Miner as shown in promotional art. She is usually seen with either a cup of coffee or a cigarette in hand. Nicole is described by the janitor to usually have a sour expression on her face while working the rush hour.


Nicole is a relatively relaxed person when not on the job. She is very insightful and sympathetic to the stresses of the hospital staff. She has a generally positive outlook, making an effort to dance during her shift in Puff Piece, and loves gaming. She has a competitive side which can be seen in Bomb-Sniffing Pomeranian.


  • Nicole is seen most with Cole throughout Act 2. She admits that she finds Cole "pretty chill", and that she looks forward to seeing him every day. Nicole also has Cole's morning and afternoon usual coffees memorized.
  • Following the events of Puff Piece, Nicole calls The Intern cool and invites them to come by anytime. She then tells them to make themself comfortable in Song of the Sea, offering to let them play on the keyboard if they like. She appears to be fond enough of the Intern to call them her new in-house pianist during Song of the Sea (Night), and expresses that the Intern can unwind at the cafe whenever they like.
  • Nicole seems to be on relatively friendly terms with Paige, similarly calling her cool after Puff Piece. She and Paige speak at length in Song of the Sea (Night), where she expresses concern for the doctor. Nicole expresses that she finds Paige "a delight".
  • In Seventh-Inning Stretch, Nicole notes to Cole that Lucky Jonronero, the new patient, is one of the biggest names on the Middlesea Scales. She is later spotted on the hospital baseball team that Lucky trains in Dreams Don't Stop, and amicably calls Lucky 'Coach', showing her respect for him.


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  • Nicole is one of two characters to replace the Barista from the Closed Beta, the other being Cole.


  • Her full name, Nicole Ting, is a play on nicotine, referencing her cigarette addiction.