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Cole Brew.png
"Phew. Alright, maybe I went a little overboard with the coffee."
First appearanceLo-fi Hip-Hop Beats To Treat Patients To
Internal nameHoodieBoy
  • Cole Blue
  • Cole (Old)
In-universe information
Full nameCole Brew

Cole Brew is a character that appears in Rhythm Doctor. Cole makes his first appearance in Lo-fi Hip-Hop Beats To Treat Patients To. He uses exclusively Oneshot Beats, along with Skipshots.


Cole wears a red cap and red hoodie with blue jeans and black shoes. He is often seen holding a coffee cup and has a boombox in his sprites. He is somewhat short and has blond hair. His skin color varies; in the sprites, he has a more tan skin tone, but it is lighter in most official art.


Cole is a laid-back and light-hearted person, but is often stressed and demotivated. He drinks coffee to power his creative process and keep himself focused. He has a caffeine addiction, which is the cause of his supraventricular tachycardia.


  • Cole's closest friend in-game is Nicole Ting. Cole often visits the hospital's cafe to talk with her while he gets coffee. The two often play videogames together in their free time.
  • He is seen to be familiar with Samurai, who likes his music. They are seen together in Unreachable.



Cole was originally called 'Hoodie Boy', though this remains only as his internal name. He was given a proper name and a complete resprite.


  • His full name, Cole Brew, is a play on 'cold brew', referencing his coffee addiction.
  • He knows how to play the synth and the guitar, as seen in the Act 2 menu.
  • Cole's face in the official art is the icon for 7th Beat Games Cafe, the official Discord server for 7BG.
  • In wish i could care less, a pixelated version of the app icon for Rhythm Doctor is shown. This may imply that Rhythm Doctor is also present in the RD universe as a game.
  • The dog in his ward is named Loafy.