Dreams Don't Stop

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Dreams Don't Stop
Screenshot of the level Dreams Don't Stop
"How long am I gonna be stuck in here?"
Level No.5-X
BPM190, 175, 190, 155, 125, 100, 205
Pre-clearPatient hasn't accepted Dr Edega's offer for procedure yet. He's been seen doing physical therapy once a day.
Post-clearPatient's condition is doing well, and he's decided to stay until his physical therapy is complete.
PassReach the level epilogue with less than 25 misses. There is 1 checkpoint during the first cutscene and a health refill on the last cutscene.
Act 5
← 5-3 Seventh-Inning Stretch X-0 Helping Hands
"Maybe this place ain't so bad."

Dreams Don't Stop (5-X) is a level in Rhythm Doctor.

It is the fifth and currently final boss level in the game. It is the first time that Window Dance is used to resize the window horizontally and vertically, in conjunction with previously established window movement. It is also the first level to utilise checkpoints, having one checkpoint during the first cutscene and a health refill on the last cutscene. Finally, it marks Lucia's first appearance.

The track was created by fizzd.


The level opens with Lucky expressing discontent over his continued state of injury, wondering how long the healing process will take. A montage then plays out, with Lucky being accompanied by the various hospital patients as time flashes by. His discontent grows into anger, leading into a conversation with the Miner where Lucky opens up about his past, worrying he will remain unaccomplished if he is unable to play baseball. The Samurai then asks Lucky if he can train him. Another montage plays out, showing Lucky training the Samurai on the field, then in a Beans Hopper cameo, as Logan and Hailey tag along to train with the Samurai. The Samurai then practices in the cafe, with Nicole pitching in to help, as Cole tags along in running with the cast. Lucky is then seeing coaching nearly all the hospital patients in the physiotherapy ward, giving a pep talk before their upcoming university game. The player then sees Ian warning Paige that the virus has returned, despite his efforts to keep it away. The view then cuts to Lucky, by himself, voicing his doubts out loud. The virus interferes as the view cuts to Lucky's dreams on the baseball field, heavily distorting the audio and visual cues. Afterwards, Lucky wakes up, in seemingly brighter spirits, as the view cuts to a representation of the hospital patients moving around on a heart-shaped baseball field, zooming in to focus on the Samurai using his bat to swing at baseballs. Lucky is then seen, in his typical baseball outfit, giving another pep talk to the hospital patients. His sprite gradually fades into his present-day self, with his arm cast and lack of baseball material, telling the patients that they will "live with no regrets" if they continue to push themselves. The lyrics fade in again during this moment, as the resolution of the level plays out. A dusty grain effect can be seen after another baseball field montage, displaying Lucky's past memories of him serving on the baseball field, of him standing on the hospital balcony, and of him engaging in exercises with the Miner. The level's final beat ends on the Samurai swinging at a baseball. After the level, Paige checks up on Lucky, to which he claims that he is feeling alright. Edega then speaks to Lucky about the aforementioned new rhythm treatment, now ready for use on patients, with the possibility of healing him permanently and in a fast manner. Lucky declines, stating that the friendly company of the hospital patients has made him want to stay at Middlesea Hospital, and that he has thoroughly enjoyed coaching them. Additionally, he cites the Miner's line about having "only one body," and that he does not want to risk permanently damaging it via risky treatment methods. Edega attempts to further pressure Lucky by claiming his contract is on the brink of being canceled and that he is disappointing his baseball fans. Lucky persists in declining the offer, claiming he has "found a better team." Ian then tells Paige that the cause of the virus has been the rhythm defibrillator itself all along. He claims he can fix it, but that he needs more time to do so. He says he'll need her and the intern to distract Edega in the meantime. Lucky then apologizes to the two doctors for his previous insults, before challenging the intern to an arm wrestle. The Miner, Nicole, and Hailey then compliment Lucky for his new friendly attitude, before Lucky tells them to shut up, out of embarrassment. Paige then tells the hospital patients to rest up, as Lucky chimes in to tell them that they'll be jogging laps around the block tomorrow. Paige then tells the intern that they have more work to do; the dialogue then transitions into the credits level, Helping Hands.


[Level start]
[Lucky] They keep saying that 'healing takes time.'
[Lucky] How long is this gonna take?
Character-Miner(Updated).png Hey! Everything okay?
[Lucky] Eh.
Character-Miner(Updated).png C'mon, let's do our stretches.
[Lucky] Ugh...fine...
Character-Miner(Updated).png It'll never be a hundred percent. You have to make peace with that.
[Lucky] I know...It's just....
[Lucky] I was never much of anyone as a kid.
[Lucky] Bad grades, couldn't ever focus, mom and dad yellin' at me...
[Lucky] But on the field, everything was different.
[Lucky] Without baseball... I feel like I'll just be that useless kid again.
Character-Miner(Updated).png ...
[Lucky] Sorry, I...
Samurai V1.png Can you teach me baseball?
[Lucky] wait what
[Interlude, in the form of text messages in Cole's room]
Samurai V1.png let's play baseball
Cole Spritesheet.png X
[Lucky] Alright everyone! Tomorrow's the big day! The local university agreed to a game. It won't be easy.
IanSpriteS.png H-Hey Ada, we've got a problem...
IanSpriteS.png The virus is back.
IanSpriteS.png No matter what we do, it sticks around.
PaigeSpriteS.png Then the intern will have to keep watch on the whole team. What choice do we have?
[Lucky] Can't sleep...why is my heart racing?
[Lucky] Do I really care whether they win this pointless match?
[Lucky] Or does 'coaching' just mean that I'm giving up on my dreams?
[Lucky] Ninth inning, team!
[Lucky] I know how it feels. Like you're running on an empty tank. That it'd be easier to just let it be over.
[Lucky] But don't give in.
[Lucky] Y'know, when you all said you wanted me to coach you...
[Lucky] ...I thought you were joking. I didn't think you'd stand a chance in a real game, but here you are.
[Lucky] That's why I've learned never to listen to what coaches have to say. They're usually clueless.
[Lucky] So listen to me just this once, then never listen to me again!
[Lucky] If you push yourself further here...on a path you never thought you could run on...
[Lucky] ...I know you'll live with no regrets!
[End of song]
PaigeSpriteS.png How are you feeling today, Mr Jonronero?
[Lucky] ...
[Lucky] Not too bad, actually. Just taking it one day at a time.
[Lucky] The shoulder doesn't hurt so much anymore.
PaigeSpriteS.png Excellent! Glad to hear it. Oh, and hey...congrats on your team's win!
PaigeSpriteS.png The hospital team, I mean. I can't believe you were able to whip them all into shape so fast.
[Lucky] Ha. Well, I was surprised to see they had it in them.
EdegaSpriteS.png Ah, there you are, Mr Jonronero.
EdegaSpriteS.png Good news. Ian has completed a beta build of the new defibrillator.
EdegaSpriteS.png If we perform the procedure today, you can be back in the pro league by tomorrow morning. No recovery period.
[Lucky] Wow. Wait, really? Tomorrow?
EdegaSpriteS.png Of course. In time for the playoffs. Ready?
[Lucky] ...
[Lucky] .....
[Lucky] Actually...I think I'll pass.
EdegaSpriteS.png Excuse me?
[Lucky] I couldn't tell at first, but it looks like I've been making good progress on my own.
[Lucky] Even if it's taking forever.
[Lucky] When I got here, I was dying to get out, but...maybe this place ain't so bad.
[Lucky] The people are...nice. And persistent.
[Lucky] I thought they were screwing around when they said they wanted to play ball. But they really went through with it.
[Lucky] And every point they scored...it felt just as good as scoring my own.
[Lucky] Maybe even better.
[Lucky] I've spent my whole career trying to make miracles happen on pure grit and determination.
[Lucky] But after seeing how pumped they were winning just one little game...maybe all that energy I built up is better spent somewhere else.
EdegaSpriteS.png ...
[Lucky] If your "beta build" thingy goes wrong...I might lose this part of me that's still left.
[Lucky] I can't do that. I've only got one body, y'know?
EdegaSpriteS.png Interesting. The choice is your own, but, if I may...
EdegaSpriteS.png From what I can tell, the status of your next contract with the Middlesea Scales seems to be hanging by a thread.
EdegaSpriteS.png You're keeping your fans waiting. And your team. I can't imagine that reflects well on you.
[Lucky] ...
[Lucky] Well, maybe I've found a better team.
[Lucky] Thanks for the offer anyway, doc. Good luck with your beta testing.
EdegaSpriteS.png Hrm.
EdegaSpriteS.png Interesting.
EdegaSpriteS.png Enjoy the rest of your stay. I'm sure Dr Paige must know what's best for you.
PaigeSpriteS.png ...
IanSpriteS.png Hey, uh, Ada...we should talk.
PaigeSpriteS.png What's up?
IanSpriteS.png About that virus, Connectifia Abortus...
IanSpriteS.png The intern's work at the baseball game, handling the big flare-up...it gave me a lot of great info.
IanSpriteS.png I think I've figured it out. It's the rhythm defibrillation system itself that keeps causing the glitches.
PaigeSpriteS.png Oh...
IanSpriteS.png Yeah. Yikes, right? But there's good news! I think we can fix it.
IanSpriteS.png I just need more time.
IanSpriteS.png Edega keeps dragging me away to work on his new "miracle cure" thing.
IanSpriteS.png If you and the intern can keep him busy, and take care of all the patients...I can figure out how to get rid of the virus!
PaigeSpriteS.png That's good!
IanSpriteS.png Y-yeah! Although, maybe a little bit easier said than done.
PaigeSpriteS.png Definitely...but the intern's been unstoppable so far!
PaigeSpriteS.png Together, we'll keep things running as smooth as-
[Lucky] Oh hey, doc.
[Lucky] Since I'm gonna be stuck here anyway, and I'm still feeling the post-victory glow...
[Lucky] ...I wanna get something off my chest.
[Lucky] You two aren't so bad. Maybe.
[Lucky] I mean, you do spew a bunch of techno-jargon at me. And keep me cooped up in bed all the time.
[Lucky] And, uh, make me eat yogurt and weird vegetable mush.
[Lucky] But...at the end of the day...I know you're just trying to help.
[Lucky] Sorry if I gave you a rough time. Or something.
PaigeSpriteS.png Not at all! We're just here to do right by you, no matter what. Even on the days when being here isn't so fun.
[Lucky] Well, from now on, I'll try not make your life a livin' hell, haha. I promise.
[Lucky] And as for you, intern. Once I finish my recovery...
[Lucky] ...I'm challengin' you to an arm wrestle!
[Lucky] So you better not transfer to any other clinics, y'hear?
IanSpriteS.png (The intern is gonna break this man like a twig...)
Character-Miner(Updated).png Making friends over here, Coach? I knew you had it in ya!
NicoleSpriteS2.png Loving that hustle, Coach! The charm! The can-do attitude!
HaileySpriteS.png Awwwww, Coach! If you just wanted to make friends, you shoulda just asked! We'll be your friends!
[Lucky] S-shut up!
PaigeSpriteS.png Alright, everyone! Party's over! Back to your rooms!
[Lucky] Yeah! Rest up real good, because you're all joggin' laps around the block tomorrow!
IanSpriteS.png D-does he mean us too?
PaigeSpriteS.png I think so! C'mon intern, let's hustle!
PaigeSpriteS.png There's still a lot of work to do.
PaigeSpriteS.png You ready?
JanitorSmol.png Did you hear about the hospital baseball team?
JanitorSmol.png They went up against a university and actually won!
JanitorSmol.png Now, I'll be honest with ya, I was tempted to join the team myself.
JanitorSmol.png I've got a real mean arm. I could see myself pitching.
JanitorSmol.png But...well, I chickened out. I didn't wanna embarrass myself in front of Lucky.
JanitorSmol.png I figured maybe my energy would be better spent somewhere else.
JanitorSmol.png That's why I went to the game and screamed loud and proud from the bleachers!


[Verse 1]
To all my fans (To all the fans)
I tried my best but things are tough
I'm out of luck (You're out of luck)
My joints are torn, I can't hold on

Everybody believes there must be
Something wrong with me,
To stay this way
But my dreams don't stop,
So I'll keep holding on

[Verse 2]
The air is still
But there's no peace inside this place
Fans lose their cool
My team moves on, I've been replaced
I'm fed up with waiting
My body is fading
I'm sick of your sympathy

I'm stepping away
From all my regrets of yesterday
I'm more than my dreams
It's time to move on
To all of my friends, I'm holding on



  • This level now marks Lucia's first appearance within a main story level. Prior to the Act 5 update, Art Exercise was the first and only level Lucia could be seen in, as a patient or character. This makes it one of the few Early Access levels to retroactively change the first appearance of a previously established character.
  • This is the first boss stage to have a tutorial.