Distant Duet (Night)

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Distant Duet (Night)
Screenshot of the level Distant Duet (Night)
"Dear, could you help me? I took a fall and my heart feels off..."
Level No.3-3N
Pre-clearElderly patient's heartrate is being detected as uneven. Treat carefully, and answer any questions she may have.
Post-clearPatient is confused, but healthy. She may try to stop nearby staff members to share photos of her family.
Spolyrhythm maestro
A (8)polyrhythm pro
B (18)we make a good team!
C (30)oh no
D (40)oh no
Foh no
Act 3 Night
← 3-2N Classy (Night) 4-1N Rollerdisco Rumble
3-3 Distant Duet
"Thank you, dearie! You're very sweet."

Distant Duet (Night) (3-3) is a level in Rhythm Doctor. It is the Night Shift version of Distant Duet.


The player and Paige cooperate once more to treat both patients in the level, with Paige handling Mr. Stevenson and the player handling Mrs. Stevenson. After the first four beats, however, Paige abruptly stops handling Mr. Stevenson's row, leaving the player to handle both patients on their own throughout the entire level. After the level, Mrs. Stevenson elaborates on the circumstances that led her husband and her to being in the hospital, asking the player for help in seeing a doctor and in getting to properly talk to her husband, stating how her husband likely misses talking to her.


2-player mode[edit]

Player 1 treats Mrs. Stevenson while player 2 treats Mr. Stevenson, both of whose patterns are identical to their singleplayer patterns. Interestingly, this results in the level being a slightly abbreviated version of Distant Duet's 2-player mode.


MrsStevensonSpriteS.png Dearie, I don't want to be a bother, but...
MrsStevensonSpriteS.png ...do you know what's taking so long?
MrsStevensonSpriteS.png I would really love to talk to a doctor. Or to my husband.
MrsStevensonSpriteS.png He slipped and fell at home. On the hardwood flooring at the base of our stairs.
MrsStevensonSpriteS.png I promised him I would be just fine on my own while he stayed at the hospital, but then...
MrsStevensonSpriteS.png ...on the very next day, I slipped on the exact same spot myself!
MrsStevensonSpriteS.png I know, I know, it's so embarrassing.
MrsStevensonSpriteS.png If you find a real doctor, could I speak with them?
MrsStevensonSpriteS.png I'm sure my husband misses my phone calls.
JanitorSmol.png Can we trade jobs?
JanitorSmol.png I'll do the rhythm button thing...
JanitorSmol.png ...and you can sanitize the doorknobs, mop the floors, and listen to Mrs. Stevenson talk about her grandkids.



  • In-game, this level lists Mrs. Stevenson as being the sole patient. This is untrue, as Mr. Stevenson is another patient the player has to treat in the level. This is likely done on purpose; the Day Shift counterpart has the player only treating a single patient, which sets up the surprise for the Night Shift level to have the player treating both Mrs. & Mr. Stevenson at once.
  • After passing the level for the first time in a save file, a piano song can be heard that is not played anywhere else in the game. It is currently unknown what the name of this song is.