Classy (Night)

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Classy (Night)
Screenshot of the level Classy (Night)
"I need a follow-up treatment! Why do I need to wait?!"
Level No.3-2
Pre-clearA variety of patients need attention at once. Their conditions aren't quite the same as one another, so multi-tasking will be required.
Post-clearAll patients' heartbeats have been stabilised.
Snot a scratch. congratulations
A (10)master multitasker
B (19)competent enough
C (28)might hear about this on the evening news
D (37)might hear about this on the mid-day news
Fat least patients can't give you bad reviews if they're unconscious..
Act 3 Night
← 3-1N Lounge 3-3N Distant Duet (Night)
3-2 Classy
My treatments should never be "optional levels!" My perfect health is not "optional!"

Classy (Night) (3-2N) is a level in Rhythm Doctor. It is the Night Shift version of Classy.


The player simultaneously treats the Samurai, Hailey, Logan and Richard Hugh through their respective heart issues. The level starts with Hailey and the Samurai being treated at the same time, with Logan introduced afterward, before gradually building up into having all four patients treated at once. After the level, Richard Hugh can be assumed to still be upset with the treatment, as the post-clear text states his anger toward his treatment being "optional," referencing the fact that night shift levels are not required to beat the main story.


  • The first four heartbeats of Samurai and Hailey are counted by the Nurse and Ian. This was not the case prior to the Act 5 update.


  • This is the first night shift level to have no dialogue pertaining to it. It is also the only night shift level in Act 3 to have no dialogue pertaining to it.