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Screenshot of the level Invisible
"It's getting so foggy out there..."
Level No.4-2
Pre-clearHailey and that miner are both experiencing flare-ups. Visibility is low, treat them the best you can.
Post-clearBoth patients have been treated successfully. Be sure to monitor them for the rest of their trip.
Sthe fog cleared! look! a rainbow!
A (8)the fog cleared! look! a clear, sunny sky!
B (15)the fog cleared! look! a thunderstorm!
C (23)the fog cleared! the sky is still grey...
D (30)the fog got worse...?
Fthe fog has swallowed you whole
Act 4
← 4-1 Training Doctor's Train Ride Performance 4-3 Steinway
4-2N Invisible (Night)
"The skies are clearing! Figuratively and literally!"

Invisible (4-2) is a level in Rhythm Doctor. The Night Shift version is Invisible (Night).

It is the first time the player has to juggle Holds and Classic Beats at the same time.

The track was created by bl00dwave.


The player simultaneously treats the Miner, Hailey, Logan, and the Samurai through their respective heart issues, as a dusty fog rolls through. The level starts with the Miner being treated, with Hailey coming in shortly after, followed up by Logan, and finally, the Samurai is treated independently before being combined with the other three patients, with all four being treated at the same time. After the level, the Miner thanks the player for their treatment of him once again, and asks for them for advice, before soon finding out that the intern is unable to talk through their screen. He then remarks that he'll try to seek medical help whenever he can. Ian then contacts the player from the hospital, asking for their help in treating Mrs. Stevenson and her birds.


Character-Miner(Updated).png Whoever you are out there, you saved my tail twice.
Character-Miner(Updated).png Wish I could thank you properly.
Character-Miner(Updated).png Truth be told, it's been a while since I've been to the doctor.
Character-Miner(Updated).png Maybe I've been pushin' myself to my limit...what should I do, doc?
Character-Miner(Updated).png ...
Character-Miner(Updated).png ...anything I should eat different, I need to step away from work for a while?
Character-Miner(Updated).png ...
Character-Miner(Updated).png Guess you can't talk, huh?
Character-Miner(Updated).png I'm no medic. I'll have to find someone who can help me out. Thanks for tryin'.
Character-Miner(Updated).png I'll just hang tight and hope for the best.
IanSpriteS.png H-hey. It's Ian again.
IanSpriteS.png Can you shift your focus back to the hospital for a second?
IanSpriteS.png M-Mrs Stevenson says she needs help with her, uh...birds?
IanSpriteS.png With Paige at home and Edega making the rounds, everything needs to be p-perfect.
IanSpriteS.png Let's sort these patients out, and then you can continue on with your work on the train.
JanitorSmol.png Hey, wanna hear a story?
JanitorSmol.png I'll take your silence as a "Yes, please."
JanitorSmol.png That Ada Paige lady is pretty cool.
JanitorSmol.png We don't talk much. I mostly just keep to myself.
JanitorSmol.png But one time...she was working with this family.
JanitorSmol.png The father was recovering from a heart attack.
JanitorSmol.png He was in pretty poor health, so everything seemed a lil' touch-and-go for a while.
JanitorSmol.png His wife and four kids kept visiting. The youngest son kept running around the halls, getting in our way.
JanitorSmol.png It was a huge pain-in-the-neck, for me. Having a big family in here, on top of everything else.
JanitorSmol.png Paige ignored the distractions. She worked hard, I could tell.
JanitorSmol.png She not only operated the best she could, but also went the extra mile in talking to the kids.
JanitorSmol.png The wife was so scared, she didn't know what to do without her husband to help.
JanitorSmol.png It felt like we were all playing babysitter for her kids during that time, but Paige especially.
JanitorSmol.png In the end, Paige was able to pull off whatever fancy operation she was doing in the guy's chest.
JanitorSmol.png It was a success, he ended up totally fine.
JanitorSmol.png And get this, when the family was celebrating, ready to leave and go home...
JanitorSmol.png I saw Paige enter the broom closet and grab a box. I had no idea what it was.
JanitorSmol.png It turned out she had brought the oldest child a birthday present.
JanitorSmol.png His birthday was the day after his dad had the heart attack.
JanitorSmol.png Paige said "Each Birthday you have only comes once...
JanitorSmol.png ...I'm sorry you had to spend it stuck in this place. I hope this present makes up for it."
JanitorSmol.png The mother and father were like "thank you thank you thank you."
JanitorSmol.png It was so sweet, but I just didn't get it. Why did she bother to do it?
JanitorSmol.png She's treated at least a hundred patients before. People come in and out of here all the time.
JanitorSmol.png Why would she waste the time finding a birthday present?
JanitorSmol.png Maybe it's just because she's young. She's still pretty new to this.
JanitorSmol.png Maybe she'll realise soon that there's no time for sentimental stuff like that.
JanitorSmol.png But either way...every time I pass her in the hall, I think about those kids.


  • Upon release, this level used employed a heavier use of visual effects in an attempt to further challenge the player. The section of the screen containing the first three patients would notably flip upside down, before flipping itself horizontally. It would repeat this sequence once more before the level ended.[1] This screen-flipping effect would be removed in a later update to reduce the difficulty for new players.
  • Upon release, the level featured Richard Hugh as the third treatable patient; Richard is known to incorporate fast Classic Beats, and was presumably present to match said heartbeat in the level. However, in an update which came after the level's previous difficulty update, Richard would be replaced by Logan. The heartbeat, and gameplay itself, was left unchanged. This change may have been made for several reasons. It might have been in an attempt to follow the story and theming better, as Logan is the love interest of Hailey, who can be assumed to have been missing her for the time that she spent away from the hospital. Additionally, Richard Hugh is a character who views the Middlesea Hospital with distaste, making his presence in the level somewhat unfitting. Finally, the heartbeat in question lacked any Row Xs, which is a characteristic feature of Richard's heartbeat lines.
  • In the Act 5 update, this level received several changes.
  • Along with its Night Shift counterpart, this level received a visual change to more heavily include the use of fog. The background itself was also changed, featuring slightly different background fog and a different shade of blue for the background sky.
  • The screen's rotation effect has been heavily toned down, now featuring a much more tame version of it, with less frequency than was present in prior versions.
  • Logan and his heartbeat line will temporarily move out of view when the Samurai is being introduced. Once Logan's heartbeat is made to join in with the three other patients, his sprite and heartbeat line will move back onto the screen. This is an entirely visual change and does not affect gameplay from prior versions.
  • In prior versions, toward the end of the level, green musical notes would float upwards from the bottom of the screen, as pink petals fell across the screen. These two effects have been entirely removed, likely to reduce screen clutter.