Row Xs

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Logan with a ----xx pattern.

Row Xs (also Offbeats) are a common gimmick in Rhythm Doctor. A red X can appear on any beat of a Classic row, making the beat silent and encouraging players to count in their head. Row Xs usually don't appear on the first beat, as this would make it unfair to play by audio alone. An exception to this is Know You, which tutorializes its X pattern beforehand. When talking about X patterns, a combination of -s and xs is usually used, for example ----xx. Row Xs are not unique to any one character, although special attention is drawn towards Logan and Richard Hugh having them. Cockatiel and Owl have X patterns commonly associated with them. -x-x-x (effectively 4 beats) and -xx-xx (effectively 3 beats). In the story mode, Row Xs are always used in combination with Holds.



Row Xs are usually not indicated with additional sounds, unless the pattern's audio is indiscernible from a longer pattern, in which case counting sounds are used:

-x-x-x: Cockatiel, Whistle, Parrot, Oriole, Wren, Canary

-xx-xx: Owl

xx----: Any "Nurse" or "Ian" counting sounds, commonly with the beat sound "Ride2". It is preferably avoided in favor of -x----.