Invisible (Night)

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Invisible (Night)
Screenshot of the level Invisible (Night)
"It's getting so foggy out there..."
Level No.4-2N
Pre-clearHailey and that miner are both experiencing flare-ups. Visibility is low, treat them the best you can.
Post-clearBoth patients have been treated successfully. Be sure to monitor them for the rest of their trip.
Sthe midnight train
A (10)relaxing train
B (19)haunted train
C (29)crowded train
D (38)spooky train
Fbroken train
Act 4 Night
← 4-1N Rollerdisco Rumble 4-3N Steinway Reprise
4-2 Invisible
"The skies are clearing! Figuratively and literally!"

Invisible (Night) (4-2N) is a level in Rhythm Doctor. It is the Night Shift version of Invisible.

The track was created by bl00dwave.


The player simultaneously treats the Miner, Hailey, Richard Hugh and the Cockatiel through their respective heart issues, as a dusty fog rolls through during the night. The level starts with the Miner being treated, with Hailey coming in shortly after, followed up by Richard Hugh, and finally, the Cockatiel is treated independently before being combined with the other three patients, with all four being treated at the same time.


  • Upon release, Richard Hugh's heartbeat featured solely Classic Beats.[1] In a later update, this was changed, and Richard Hugh's heartbeat now features Row Xs. This is a feature characteristic of his heartbeats, and makes him fit better into the level.
  • In the Act 5 update, this level received several changes.
  • Along with its Day Shift counterpart, this level received a visual change to more heavily include the use of fog. The background itself was also changed, now featuring a more detailed moon and a different shade of color for the night sky.
  • This level received a decrease in difficulty. In prior versions, the entire view of the level would be split into parallel screens to challenge the player's sense of rhythm and distort visual cues. This effect has been entirely removed.
  • The visual effect on the Miner, Hailey, and Richard Hugh toward the end of the level has been changed. In prior versions, the three patients' sprites would change into solid-color silhouettes. This effect has been changed to show a color flash effect on their sprites, fading in and out with a transparent element.
  • When the Cockatiel is first introduced, the Miner and Hailey will have their heartbeats join in soon after, with Richard Hugh's heartbeat being the last one to join in. A visual gag has been added for this moment; when the Miner and Hailey join in with the Cockatiel, Richard Hugh's heartbeat line will temporarily fade away, and his sprite will change to his 'miss' animation, where his face is covered with a popsicle. When Richard Hugh's heartbeat joins the other three patients, his sprite will change to show a frame of his typical idle animation, where his eyebrows are furrowed and his tail is pointing upward. This visual gag was likely added to give new comedic context behind the fact that his heartbeat is the last one to join in.