Steinway Reprise

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Steinway Reprise
Screenshot of the level Steinway Reprise
"Why are we expected to treat animals in here?"
Level No.4-3N
Pre-clear[I promised Mrs Stevenson that we would continue caring for her birds. Let's check back in on the flock.]
Post-clearMrs Stevenson and all of her "children" have been stabilised successfully.
A (19)eagle
B (37)birdie
C (55)bogey
D (73)playing like a freshly hatched egg
Fplaying like a grocery store egg
Act 4 Night
← 4-2N Invisible (Night) 4-4N Murmurs
4-3 Steinway
"Ok, finally, the birds are calming down..."

Steinway Reprise (4-3N) is a level in Rhythm Doctor. It is the Night Shift version of Steinway.

The track was created by fizzd.


The player treats Mrs. Stevenson and her four birds, the Cockatiel, the Parrot, the Owl, and the Oriole. This time, they are without Ian's help, and must manage all five patients' heartbeats throughout the entire level, on their own. According to the pager, Ian promised Mrs. Stevenson that the hospital would continue caring for her birds, which is why the player performs this operation.


JanitorSmol.png Wait. Hold up.
JanitorSmol.png Do you think the old lady bought and RAISED the birds? Like from a pet store?
JanitorSmol.png Or are they just random wild animals that...she met in the woods one day?
JanitorSmol.png This lady is like...the Queen of Birds or something.