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"There's another bird in here? It looks like Logan is approaching it again."
First appearanceLounge
Internal nameOwl
Voiced byN/A
In-universe information
Full nameOwl
Alias (es)N/A

Owl is a recurring character in Rhythm Doctor, making their first appearance in Steinway. Their unique heartbeat pattern is first shown in Lounge. They are one of four pet birds kept by Mrs Stevenson, using Classic Beats which heavily feature Row Xs. They are usually accompanied with a three-beat pattern (-xx-xx).


As the name suggests, they are a medium-sized owl wearing a brown boater hat and a yellow bowtie.


Although the Owl never directly speaks, their few appearances may suggest a slightly mischievous personality. In Meet and Tweet, the Owl is seen contributing to the birds' conversation by speaking of their experience snatching papers away from Paige. They are also depicted in The 90's Decision, aiding the Samurai in the chase for the donut. The bird that swoops away the donut in the D-rank and S-rank outcomes is never specified, though if the Owl was the bird in question, it would further add to their mischievous nature. Beyond these indirect displays of personality, however, the Owl remains with a mostly unknown demeanor about them.


  • Mr and Mrs Stevenson are the owners of the Owl. Although the former is never seen directly speaking of their pet birds, the latter is seen indirectly talking about her pet birds several times, described as "over-the-moon" when Ian and the intern take care of her birds in 4-3. Furthermore, in 4-3N, the post-clear text for the pager has Ian quoting Mrs Stevenson, suggesting that she considers her pet birds to be her "children." Lastly, in X-MAT, Mrs Stevenson is shown to be knowledgable of bird heartbeats, and excitedly begins talking at length about said topic when prompted. Due to all of these aforementioned factors, it can be assumed that the Owl's owners deeply care for them, with Mrs Stevenson in particular being fond of them.
  • Logan and the Owl are first seen together in 3-1N, with the pager's pre-clear text stating that he has approached the Owl of his own accord. Logan vents his feelings out to the Owl, speaking about his inability to confess his romantic feelings to Hailey. As the level ends, both Hailey and the Owl leave Logan by himself in the plant room. It is unknown what the Owl perceives of Logan, or vice versa, only that Logan sought the Owl as a brief "therapy bird"; the pager text and some of the rank text indicates that the Owl may have been positively receptive toward hearing out Logan's feelings. The nature of their relationship remains mostly unknown, however.
  • The Wren and Canary do not feature much direct interaction toward the Owl. However, the Owl is seen speaking with the Wren and Cockatiel in the middle of X-MAT, and is also depicted cheerfully looking at the Wren, Canary, and Cockatiel toward the end of the level, suggesting that the Owl is friendly and appreciative of their presence.
  • Since the Cockatiel, Parrot, Oriole and Owl are all pets belonging to Mr and Mrs Stevenson, it can be assumed that the four of them share a friendly relationship with each other, depicted as a quad of birds in 3-1 with heartbeats forming in pattern with each other. They are also seen accompanying each other in levels, with the Owl accompanying the Cockatiel in MD-3 specifically.
  • Samurai and Owl do not share much of a direct relationship. In MD-3, however, the Owl is seen accompanying the Samurai, along with the Cockatiel, and briefly aids in carrying the Samurai as it flies in pursuit of the donut.


As a patient



  • The Owl is the only bird thus far to feature the introduction of their unique heartbeat pattern in a Night Shift level.