Helping Hands

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Helping Hands
Screenshot of the level Helping Hands
Level No.X-0
Pre-clear[Each patient currently admitted needs a check-up.]
Post-clear[The patients had really kind things to say when I checked on them. I'm so glad I can help them.]
Sthank you for everything
A (8)thank you for everything
B (15)thank you for everything
C (35)thank you for everything
D (45)thank you for everything
Fthank you for everything
Art Room
← 5-X Dreams Don't Stop X-1 Art Exercise
"The work is exhausting, but...I can do this."

Helping Hands (X-0) is a level in Rhythm Doctor.

It is currently the final story level in the game. It is the first time that Ian is a treatable patient.


After the events of Dreams Don't Stop, nearly the entire cast game of the game gathers around in a level that serves as a playable credits screen. Through the majority of the level, the song features a voice that sings what can be interpreted as the collective thoughts of every patient residing within the hospital, expressing their positive views toward the doctors and their desire to help out in any way they can. The level flashes through nearly all of the long-term patients of the game, with a brief appearance of Ian, and a prominent appearance of Paige, where she gets the spotlight halfway through the level; a list of names can be seen flashing through the top and bottom of the screen as she runs through the hospital hallways. Then, toward the end of the level, the player focuses on treating Paige as she stands on a balcony, briefly singing and reflecting on her time at the hospital. After the level ends, the player returns to the title screen of the game.


I've been waiting for so long
I can wait a little longer
You take my pulse and now you're gone
Well, I can wait a little more

We used to have heart to hearts
But lately we're a world apart
We folks are odd but we are kind
Can we help you ease your mind?

You're up before the sun is up
You're done after it's gone
But still the work keeps piling up
Don't feel like you belong
Applause is cheap I know
Wish I could lend a hand
But I don't know much medicine
All I can give is thanks

Help me help you help us
Better make me understand
If there's a weight to share together
Take my helping hands
No one makes it on their own
Just tell me what you need from me
We share with you our meals, be sure to take our pills
Take proper care of ourselves

Feeling like you owe the world
Everything you've got
And everyone around you is
Everything you're not
You just can't get your mind off
The ones you couldn't save
The ones you couldn't save
The ones you could've saved

Feeling like you're owed nothing
Other than what you've got
And everyone around you is
Everything you're not
Eight more years of this is
More than what you could take
More than what you could take

Applause is cheap I know
So take my helping hands
Being here leaves me feeling blue
But it isn't so bad with you

They've been waiting for so long
They can wait a little longer
The folks are odd but they are kind
It's nice to help around sometimes


  • In the Act 5 update, the balcony seen at the end of the level was updated, now reflecting the one present within Dreams Don't Stop. It features a more polished design for the background art, a soccer net visible from the left, and baseballs strewn over the floor.


  • This is the first and only level thus far to have the rank text be the same for every letter rank. This is likely done for emotional effect, as the game seeks to thank the player for having played through the story, regardless of their performance on this particular level.