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First appearanceSamurai Techno
Internal nameSamurai
  • SamuraiBlue
  • SamuraiYellow
  • SamuraiGreen
  • SamuraiGirl
  • SamuraiPirate
  • SamuraiBaseball
In-universe information
Full name[Unknown]

Samurai is a recurring character in Rhythm Doctor, making his first appearance in Samurai Techno. He is the first treatable patient of the game, using solely Classic Beats at varying speeds that tend to fluctuate.


As his name suggests, Samurai wears a full set of red samurai armor. His kabuto (helmet) adorns a golden maedate (front crest) resembling horns, and the front of his dō (cuirass) is decorated with various golden details. He also wields a steel katana with a red and purple tsuka (hilt) in his right hand. He is of short to average stature and has tanned / bronze skin.


Samurai is not a talkative character. Although he does have dialogue, it is rare for him to speak, and whenever he does, it's usually in brief, short sentences. He is known to be a frequent goer of night clubs, with an appreciation for electronic music, taking a particular liking to Cole's drum and bass music as shown in Unreachable. Of his few instances of dialogue, he is seen complimenting Cole's music several times, and thanking the two doctors in Super Battleworn Insomniac, showing a glimpse of him being amicable and kind to others.

While he's reluctant to speak, he is instead shown to be a good listener. After One Slip Too Late, Lucky recounts his rise to fame and subsequent injury to him, and when Lucky later speaks to the Miner in Seventh-Inning Stretch, he's seen overhearing their conversation, even pausing his own exercise to give it his full attention. Having learned so much about Lucky's situation, he helps him participate in baseball in a healthier manner by offering to have Lucky coach him instead, as depicted in Dreams Don't Stop. This shows a very compassionate side of him for being willing to aid a complete stranger despite having no social expectation to do so.

Unsurprisingly, he is shown to be quite fond of his armor, wearing it at all times of the day, including during strenuous physical activities. Even when playing baseball, the one time he forgoes some of his armor, he will still wear his helmet under his baseball cap.

His preferred method of locomotion appears to be rolling himself around like a boulder, as he's never shown using his legs to move.

He is depicted as a skilled skater in The 90's Decision, with the Janitor stating "he's really good" at it, although he could be referring to his rolling. He is seen skating through the Roller Disco, participating in the chase for the donut, showing a more silly side of his personality.


  • Cole and Samurai share an appreciation for electronic music. He is first seen complimenting Cole's music after 1-XN, stating he had missed Cole's music when he was away from the hospital. He is once again seen complimenting it in 2-1N, saying a brief "Good" in response to it, during the rank screen. Lastly, he is seen in 2-2N, partying with Cole and "blaring music through the hospital" with him, as stated in the pager's post-clear text. Their continued presence together, and 2-2N's post-clear pager text, suggests that the two may be friends.
  • Insomniac and Samurai have an unknown relationship. The two of them share oriental theming; their levels were formerly known as Oriental Insomniac and Oriental Techno respectively, and their levels prominently feature visual oriental themes. Furthermore, Insomniac's internal name is SamuraiBoss. However, the only evidence of any direct relationship between the two characters is that they are briefly paired together during X-0, seen in Samurai's room. Thus, the nature of their relationship remains mostly unknown.
  • Lucky and Samurai seem to share a bond of mutual respect, the former sharing his story with and even willing to train the latter in baseball, as well as the other hospital patients when the latter asks them to join. Samurai in turn seems quite fond of Lucky, lending an ear to his frustrations, and letting himself be wrapped in bungee cord by the Miner to serve as Lucky's training weight, without complaint. He's also seen watching a live broadcast of one of Lucky's baseball games with glee during 5-1N. Although he's not seen asking Lucky to be his friend after 5-X, one can reasonably assume they're good friends after their team's win.
  • Marija, Buro, and Rin are not seen speaking much to the Samurai, but he is featured in the B-rank outcome for MD-3, where Buro gives the donut to him, much to Rin's surprise.



  • The sprites for Samurai have been reworked for Rhythm Doctor's Early Access release on Steam, with his colors being notably changed.


  • Samurai is often associated with beans due to Beans Hopper.
  • The game's icon features Samurai on a blue background.
  • Originally SamuraiGirl was used as a second Samurai for 2 player levels, however this was later changed to Blue Samurai.
  • Samurai's Pirate alt replaces him in Samurai Techno during Halloween.