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"I'll be watching."
First appearanceBattleworn Insomniac
Internal nameEdega
In-universe information
Full nameGabriel Edega
Alias (es)alias

Doctor Gabriel Edega is a character that appears in Rhythm Doctor. He is the head doctor at Middlesea Hospital, and tends to have a cold demeanor when it comes to patient care.


Doctor Edega has auburn hair and light skin. He carries around a dark blue clipboard that is obscuring his face at all times. He wears a set of hospital scrubs that are a greenish hue along with a pair of black shoes.


Doctor Edega appears to have a rather cutthroat approach to managing Middlesea Hospital, as he is quick to insult doctors and nurses that have quit their jobs, even going as far to accuse them of "leaving us to do all the work". He does not seem to mesh very well with the patients, let alone his subordinates Paige and Ian, who all seem to be intimidated or afraid of him. He has a tendency to make pointed comments at the performance of his subordinates, the Intern included. Edega can be spotted silently watching patients from afar, such as in The 90's Decision and Dreams Don't Stop.


  • Edega is Paige's boss, and treats her with a rather cold nature. He regularly makes comments on how she is performing, and expresses that she isn't doing enough. He has taken special note of how Paige is still struggling with swing-beats in Dreams Don't Stop, and that she constantly is distracted by other patients.
  • Edega is Ian's boss, and so has a tendency to push responsibilities on him regularly. He has tasked Ian with managing the Rhythm Doctor program, often pushing for him to take on even more for his workload as seen in Act 5.
  • Edega is The Intern's boss, and treats them with an air of indifference with the occasional note on their competency. He comments that the Intern is rather nosy for eavesdropping on Unsustainable Inconsolable's pre-tutorial conversation. If the Intern completes 5-X's tutorial with little to no mistakes, Edega praises them for their accuracy and tells them that he'll be watching their performance.
  • Edega does not appear to be thought of fondly by Middlesea Hospital's patients, as Nicole comments that he "just scares me". Lucky initially went along with Edega's proposed plans, but had a turnaround at the end of Act 5 that appeared to have disappointed Edega. Ian even notes that Lucky was the most Edega has ever spoken to a patient, reinforcing that he does not directly deal with the patients himself.


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  • Edega used to make an appearance after completing the Preorder demo version of Rhythm Doctor. His dialogue (which is now considered non-canon) went as follows:
EdegaSpriteS.png Ah, so the program worked then.
EdegaSpriteS.png Who would have thought?
EdegaSpriteS.png This preposterous program to recruit rhythmically talented volunteers remotely to defibrillate our patients. Hah!
EdegaSpriteS.png My name is Dr Edega. I've been watching you.
EdegaSpriteS.png You defeated the connectifia abortus infections, saved our own Dr Paige from a breakdown..
EdegaSpriteS.png .. and administered perfect defibrillations to a troupe of classical music loving samurai.
EdegaSpriteS.png They were quite pleased with how you could keep up.
EdegaSpriteS.png At this rate, ohohoho... you might even put our own doctors out of their jobs.
EdegaSpriteS.png We wouldn't want that, would we.
EdegaSpriteS.png .. (author.name)?
EdegaSpriteS.png Well, we're starting the full Rhythm Doctor program later this year.
EdegaSpriteS.png We shall be expecting you again. Goodbye, (author.name).


  • Edega is one of the few characters in Rhythm Doctor that the player does not operate on directly. The other characters that share this trait as of the Act 5 Update are Janitor and his coworker, the Nurse, and Doctor Spider.
  • Edega is also the only character to not show their face as of Act 5.
  • Before Edega's full name was revealed in Unsustainable Inconsolable, his first name was found out through musical notation that spelled G-A-B-E E-D-E-G-A.
  • Edega made an appearance in the Preorder demo version of Rhythm Doctor, though it has been noted by developers that this appearance is non-canon in regards to his character.
  • Since Edega uses the normal difficulty button, if the player has perfected all levels, Edega's button will become golden.