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"If Paige ever tells you "Ian always misses out on the weird stuff," tell her she's super wrong."
First appearanceSamurai Techno
Internal nameIan
Voiced byLoo Han Rong
In-universe information
Full namefullname
Alias (es)computer whiz guy

Ian is a character that appears in Rhythm Doctor. He is the primary coder of the Rhythm Doctor program, and he helps the player calibrate their system before handing them over to Paige to begin Samurai Techno's Tutorial. He has a focus in radiology, and appears to work better with computers than people.


Ian has tan skin and wears glasses with a light blue tinge to them. He has somewhat messy black hair and is dressed in a white labcoat. Beneath the labcoat, Ian wears a grey shirt, a belt, black pants, and brown shoes. He has been described by others as having 'bloodshot eyes and delicate fingers'.


Ian is a withdrawn and relatively quiet person. Paige mentions that Ian never partied or joined any clubs in med school, which Ian begrudgingly confirms. He tends to steer towards more logical solutions and can come off as sarcastic or dry to others. Ian occasionally makes suggestions that can come off as insensitive as seen in Act 4's introduction, but he does care about others. He is a skilled gamer and has a set of old consoles that he sets up in the cafe at Nicole's persistent request. Ian, like Paige, is consistently overworked by Edega and has a tendency to work very late hours at Middlesea Hospital.


  • Ian's closest relationship is with Doctor Ada Paige. The two doctors went to med school together at Middlesea University and have known each other for years. Ian thinks fondly of Ada, and relies on her for patient care as she works easier with Middlesea Hospital's patients. He shows a great deal of concern for Ada.
  • Ian is Doctor Gabe Edega's subordinate. He appears to be intimidated by Edega and does his best to meet his demands, even if they are unreasonable. He has begun to push back as seen in Unsustainable Inconsolable's tutorial, but continues to work under Edega.
  • Ian is The Intern's senior, and introduces them to the Rhythm Doctor program. It is implied that he has already forgotten the Intern's name in this official post, but it isn't clear. He does call the Intern pretty selfless, and compares that trait of theirs to Ada.
  • Ian's Mother has not been seen in the game as of The Act 5 Update, but Ian expresses concern for her health and stated that he had to stay with her while her carer was running late as seen in One Shift More.


As a Patient

As an Assistant

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  • Ian is playable in Run Ian Run, an endless runner browser game. The game is still playable and shows him in his old sprites.
  • Ian uses the Expert Button, alluding to how he created the Rhythm Doctor program and knows the most about how it works.
  • Ian supposedly has a Platinum rank in at least three different obscure online games.
  • Ian is 27 years old, as stated in his character description.