One Slip Too Late

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One Slip Too Late
Screenshot of the level One Slip Too Late
That game felt like any other game...
Level No.5-1N
BPM175, 150, 175
Pre-clearPatient began reflecting on his initial injury and his rushed heartbeat worsened. Treat carefully.
Post-clearTreatment successful. Allowing patient to vent about the incident may be cathartic and effective.
Sremembered as an all-time hall-of-famer
A (7)remembered as a legend
B (14)remembered as the MVP
C (21)remembered average guy
D (28)remembered as a cocky hot-shot
Flong forgotten
Act 5 Night
← 4-4N Murmurs 5-2N Unsustainable Inconsolable
5-1 Lucky Break
"...maybe they're right, I should've stayed in my lane..."

One Slip Too Late (5-1N) is a level in Rhythm Doctor. It is the Night Shift version of Lucky Break.

The track was created by fizzd.


The intern treats Lucky, sitting alone in the physiotherapy ward as he sings and recounts his days of being a baseball star. The Miner makes a brief appearance near the start of the level, seemingly returning from the train. The level takes the player through various set pieces, some abstract, some literal, with Logan and Hailey joining in to sing their praises about Lucky. The level then displays Lucky as being enjoyed on a TV screen by Logan, Hailey, the Samurai, Cole, and potentially the hospital staff, before ending shortly after. After the level, Lucky elaborates on the circumstances that led him to performing outside his expected role as a pitcher, and the situation that caused his rotator cuff to be torn. He then thanks the Samurai for listening to him, to which he replies by happily stating, "Anytime."


2-player mode[edit]

Player 1 treats Lucky on the field, Logan, and Miner. Player 2 treats Lucky in the hospital, Lucky on the field (during the first part of each chorus), and Hailey.

During the namedrop section, player 2 has an additional classic beat pattern on Lucky on the field while player 1 plays the squareshots and triangleshots. This is the first time a patient is shown to have two ECGs coming out of the same sprite.


[Lucky] I started my career as a pitcher. I was damn good at it.
[Lucky] But in my heart...I knew I didn't want to be put into a box like that.
[Lucky] I knew I had what it took to be a homerun hitter.
[Lucky] Coach said no. I pushed back, trained hard, and proved him wrong.
[Lucky] Once he gave me a chance at bat...I became a star. Until I finally pushed my body past its breaking point.
[Lucky] I insisted on pitching the full game. At bat, I was driving in runs.
[Lucky] Coach thinks I'm a show-off, and wanted me off the field. But at the bottom of the ninth, I knew we'd lose if we weren't perfect.
[Lucky] My body was screaming at me to stop, but I pushed on. Just needed one homerun to end it.
[Lucky] I nailed it. But a second later, I felt agonizing pain.
[Lucky] I kept a smile on, for the crowd, long enough to round the bases. After that, I don't remember a thing.
[Lucky] Anyway, sorry for rambling. Thanks for, uh...being such a good listener.
Samurai V1.png ...
Samurai V1.png Anytime.
JanitorSmol.png I was watching that game. The one where Lucky got hurt.
JanitorSmol.png It was awful. Thankfully, they cut to commercial, so the camera didn't hang on him too long.
JanitorSmol.png Back in the day, Lucky stuck to pitching. But he was one of those rare ones...a player who's a star on the mound AND at the plate.
JanitorSmol.png He started hitting homers and took the Scales out of their rut.
JanitorSmol.png Sadly...his shoulder gave out. I hear that's what happens after all the wear-and-tear of pitching.
JanitorSmol.png I wish I could say something to cheer him up, but it doesn't look like he wants an old fan's pity.


[Verse 1]
Won the game, made my name, fifteen minutes worth of fame
Then it came, all the pain. Is it over? What a shame
Too tough, too rough on my rotator cuff
Low weights, rehab, I've had enough
Take me back to my dreams
Before the sun set on me
When the crowd went wild
Now when they call my name
All my pride has turned to shame
They can't see me in this state
One slip, too late, three strikes, for me
I've always been the one you could count on
So who will take my place
Now I'm gone

Do you know? Did you hear?
His play was play of the year!

Was that him? On the news?

Video had a million views
They call him a show off

But they're not wearing his gloves

My hero would never

Hesitate to take his shot

Close my eyes, count to ten,
Could you take me back to then...
Take me back to my dreams
before the best was in the past
When the crowd went wild
One slip, too late, three strikes, for me
I've always been the one you could count on
So who will know my face
Now I'm gone