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Screenshot of the level Unreachable
"... (He misses going to nightclubs.)"
Level No.2-2N
Pre-clearThe patient's long hospital stay has him feeling down. The musician is trying to cheer him up, so both heart rates should be monitored carefully.
Post-clearBoth patients are doing fine, but they keep blaring music through the hospital.
Sthe greatest of all time
A (10)the hit of the decade
B (20)the song of the summer
C (30)a cult classic
D (40)a commercial jingle
Fthe vibes ain't right
Act 2 Night
← 2-1N wish i could care less 2-3N Bomb-Sniffing Pomeranian
2-2 Supraventricular Tachycardia
"... (It seems like he made a friend.)"

Unreachable (2-2N) is a level in Rhythm Doctor. It is the Night Shift version of Supraventricular Tachycardia.

The track was created by AceMan.


The player treats Cole and the Samurai, as Cole tries to cheer up the Samurai, who has been feeling down due to his extended stay at the hospital. Cole puts on drum and bass music, which elicits a positive reaction from the Samurai, with the both of them "partying" through the level. After the level, Cole asks the Samurai if he liked the music, to which he responds by saying, "Perfect."


[Level start]
Cole Spritesheet.png Hmmm....
Cole Spritesheet.png Maybe you like drum n bass, Samurai? This one's a banger.
Cole Spritesheet.png Oh you like it!
Cole Spritesheet.png Finally, someone who can PARTY!
Cole Spritesheet.png Well, what do you think?
Cole Spritesheet.png Is it as good as the DJs you're used to?
Samurai V1.png ...
Samurai V1.png Perfect.