Blackest Luxury Car

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Blackest Luxury Car
Screenshot of the level Blackest Luxury Car
"Who's driving that thing?! Let's teach him a lesson!"
Level No.MD-1
Pre-clearThree unknown individuals are chasing the Health Secretary through the streets. Take care of their elevated heart rates.
Post-clearThe three visitors seem to have gotten their aggression out of their system.
A (10)As graceful as... an idol!
B (30)As graceful as... a bunny!
C (45)As graceful as... a sleepwalker.
D (70)As graceful as... a zombie.
Ftoo poor to afford rank text
Muse Dash Collab
← 3-X One Shift More MD-2 tape/stop/night
"Not so bad, doc. Wanna join my band?"

Blackest Luxury Car (MD-1) is a level in Rhythm Doctor. It was included as part of the Muse Dash X Rhythm Doctor crossover event with PeroPero Games.

It introduces Marija, Buro, and Rin. It also introduces Squareshots and Triangleshots.

The track was created by Chicala Lpis.


Paige informs the player of a group of unknown girls chasing a car downtown. The player treats Marija, Buro, and Rin as they chase after Richard Hugh in a limo. The entire level is made to mimic a Muse Dash stage; all three girls run on-foot in a manner similar to how they would run in said game, fending off obstacles to the beat of the song, obstacles which are identical to the ones found in the Rainy Night stage of said game, and deflecting Richard's limousine and its projectiles as though it were the Boss obstacle of said stage. After the level, the three girls talk to Paige and Ian, revealing that their motivation behind the on-foot car chase was to get back at Richard for having cut past Buro in a bakery shop line, nabbing a donut that Buro had wanted to purchase. The two doctors react with surprise; Ian questions their attire, to which Rin responds harshly. Paige then suggests that the three of them stay the night at the hospital, asking them what their plans are for tomorrow. The three answer with their own desires, as Paige advises them to stay safe.


PaigeSpriteS.png Before we go forward, there's a special type of SVT cue you'll need to know.
PaigeSpriteS.png Sometimes patients will experience one-time, unexpected fluctuations in their rhythm.
PaigeSpriteS.png They're short and quick, but they're just as important to treat carefully!
PaigeSpriteS.png The nurse will cue it with a "Get, Set, One!" to help you.
PaigeSpriteS.png Instead of continuing to hit every beat like with the SVT beats...
PaigeSpriteS.png just hit it once!
PaigeSpriteS.png Sometimes the nurse gets tired, and leaves you to hear the sound cue instead...
PaigeSpriteS.png Got that? That also means you should hit just once after the cue.
PaigeSpriteS.png Here we go!
PaigeSpriteS.png Looks like you got the gist of it!
PaigeSpriteS.png Now, when the nurse says 'two' instead of 'one'..
PaigeSpriteS.png You'll then hear these two sounds..
PaigeSpriteS.png And you'll press twice!
PaigeSpriteS.png Make sense? Cool, let's try it out.
PaigeSpriteS.png Here we go!
PaigeSpriteS.png Nice!
PaigeSpriteS.png Finally, sometimes there will be a switch-up in the rhythm.
PaigeSpriteS.png You'll hear this sound...
PaigeSpriteS.png Then you'll still follow the 'one' command, but! They'll come in a different pattern.
PaigeSpriteS.png No time to lose, let's get straight into it.
PaigeSpriteS.png Here we go!
If at least one beat was missed:
PaigeSpriteS.png Looks like you're ready!
If all the beats are hit:
PaigeSpriteS.png Perfect!
PaigeSpriteS.png There's some sort of chase going on downtown.
PaigeSpriteS.png I'd call it a "car chase" but I see some girls...running on-foot?
PaigeSpriteS.png Head out there and treat them remotely before their hearts give out.
PaigeSpriteS.png Thanks, good luck!
PaigeSpriteS.png We're glad you decided to stop by. That was quite the car chase.
RinSpriteS.png Hah...yeah...hah...we can barely...hah...breathe...
IanSpriteS.png Why were you chasing that limo anyway? That Mr. Hugh's a pretty high-ranking guy, you know.
IanSpriteS.png (Plus, I'm pretty sure he hates us already.)
BuroSpriteS.png That grumpy guy in the big suit stole my favorite donut! I saw it first!
PaigeSpriteS.png I'm sorry, what?
MarijaSpriteS.png We're not from here, we're here on summer break. We walked past a nice bakery and-
BuroSpriteS.png I saw the deluxe Blueberry Cream Cheese Donut first but that man CUT RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!
IanSpriteS.png You're mad about...a donut?
IanSpriteS.png Anyway. What's with the, uh, costumes? Should you really be walking around town dressed like that?
RinSpriteS.png Hey bud, I don't remember askin' your opinion.
IanSpriteS.png Ouch...
PaigeSpriteS.png You might need to stay the night until your heart is back to normal. Any plans for tomorrow?
RinSpriteS.png Sight-seeing!
MarijaSpriteS.png Going to a club!
BuroSpriteS.png Food tour!!!
PaigeSpriteS.png A-ah, I see. careful out there!
JanitorSmol.png I guess it wasn't enough to cause mayhem within the hospital...
JanitorSmol.png you all cause mayhem out in the city?
JanitorSmol.png I'm just going to pretend I don't see any of the chaos going on out there.



  • In this level, Buro can be seen running alongside the other two girls, carried by a round bear who accompanies her for the entire level. This bear is known as Ola, and its appearance in this level is a reference to how Buro is always accompanied by Ola whenever she is the selected character during a Muse Dash level.
  • Whenever any of the girls' beats are missed, the respective character will display an animation of them flashing red, hurt, as the text "-HP" appears near them. This is a reference to how health is lost in Muse Dash if an obstacle is not successfully hit, with a hurt animation displayed from the selected character in the level.
  • During the rank screen, the victory theme from Muse Dash can be heard.
  • Nearly all of the rank text features a reference to Muse Dash.
  • "As graceful as... a zombie." for the D-rank references the Zombie Girl Buro skin from said game.
  • "As graceful as... a sleepwalker." for the C-rank references the Sleepwalker Girl Rin skin from said game.
  • "As graceful as... a bunny!" for the B-rank references the Bunny Girl Rin skin from said game.
  • "As graceful as... an idol!" for the A-rank references the Idol Buro skin from said game.
  • "FULLLLL COMBO!" for the S-rank references the voice clip that plays in said game whenever the player achieves a full combo in any level.
  • Additionally, this voice clip from Muse Dash can be heard during this level's rank screen if the player achieves an S-rank. This serves to further highlight the reference and makes note of the fact that an S-rank in Rhythm Doctor requires the player to achieve a full combo.