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Squareshots are a special type of oneshot which doesn't loop. They can occur at any time, and override any existing oneshots that were cued with the same voice. After being cued, squareshots of the same length as this one may occur at any time uncued, unless a different oneshot was cued after the squareshot cue with the same voice.



Squareshots are cued similarly to regular oneshots, except with the "go" cue replaced with a "one". Although cueing future squareshots of the same length are unnecessary (as long as no other oneshots are cued with the same voice), it's generally recommended to do so to avoid catching the player off guard. One way to ease into uncued squareshots is to slowly remove parts of the squareshot cue with each successive squareshot: for example, starting with "get set one", then "set one" a few times, then just the "one" before finally removing the cue altogether.


  • The iconic "Tonk" sound associated with Squareshots was first seen in RDSRT2.


  • Squareshots were originally concieved as a method of bringing back the old way of cueing oneshots, where oneshots of the same length could occur at any time (as long as the first one was cued).