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Syncopation is a gimmick stemming from Classic beats. Syncopation typically involves the player hitting on the 6.5th beat, with a 7 pulse beat being offset by half the beat's Tick on one pulse (1-2-3-4-56-7). Like, Classic beats, Syncopation can be affected by Swing, Insomniac Beats, and Free Times.



A classic row with yellow glow and syncopation arrows on the 6th beat.

Syncopation is cued with a yellow glow and distinct beat sounds to audibly indicate where the Syncopation is. The Set Row Xs event on the Rows tab of the editor can be used to add moving arrows to a beat to indicate which pulse is offset.


  • Syncopation arrows were introduced alongside X-MAT.


  • Syncopation had long existed as a semi-official mechanic before the introduction of syncopation arrows, having special cue sounds included in the editor despite not appearing in any official levels.