Freeze Beats

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Freeze Beats, otherwise known as Freezeshots, are special Oneshot Beats that delay a hit in a regular Oneshot pattern.


Freeze beats feature in Act 5 (e.g. 5-2)


Freeze beats require no additional sound cues; rather, the cues are built into the freeze beat itself. Immediately after a hit in a pattern of regular oneshots, the row is overlaid with a faint ice pattern and a special cue sound effect plays. After a delay, the ice pattern gets less transparent and the second half of the cue sound plays. When the next oneshot would normally be hit, instead the row freezes and a third sound cue plays. After the same amount of time that was between the first two cues, the row unfreezes and the player must hit the beat. The pattern then continues as normal afterwards as if the hit was not offset.

A screenshot of a row in the level editor. A regular series of oneshots is shown, with a freeze beat in the middle.
A freeze beat within a normal oneshot pattern.

The various pieces of a freeze beat are visible within the beat on the row's timeline. The green and cyan indicators show where the oneshot would normally start and end to match the rest of the pattern. The two red dots show when the initial cue will occur; the first red dot should line up with the previous hit in the oneshot pattern. The yellow indicator is where the actual hit will occur.

In the beat options, the Delay field determines the time between the regular hit and the actual hit (the distance between the red dots and the distance between the cyan and yellow indicators). The Interval field determines the time between the start of the cue and the hit (the distance between the first red dot and the yellow indicator).


  • Freeze beats were first released in the r18 version of the level editor.


  • Freeze beats were created in collaboration with the 5th round of RDRPG (a community-run multi-round level making competition) as a required mechanic for the round.