Oneshot Beats

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Oneshot beats (also SVT Beats) are the secondary gameplay style in Rhythm Doctor and consist of one or multiple pulses, and one hit. The rhythm of the hits is determined by a "Ready Get Set Go!" cue, however the rhythm of the pulses may change without warning to throw you off. A oneshot pattern usually goes on until it is stopped with a "Stop" cue, or changed to another pattern.



Oneshot cues for a simple pattern
Oneshot cues for a different pattern

A oneshot pattern is always preceded by either the nurse or Ian saying "(Rea - Dy -) Get - Set - Go", and it continues until an "(And -) Stop" cue from the same voice as the cue-in, a different oneshot or squareshot cue-in from the same voice as the cue-in, or the final input of the level.

Oneshot cues for a complex pattern

The pattern of the cues shadows the pattern of the oneshots to follow. "Rea" and "Get" nominally line up with a oneshot pulse (green marker in the editor), and "Dy" and "Set" line up with a hit (yellow marker). After a "Go" cue, the pattern starting from the first "Rea" or "Get" cue of a pattern until the "Go" cue is looped continuously as oneshot pulses and hits, and the player must input accordingly. Since only the positions of the "Dy" and "Set" cues along with the interval of the pattern ultimately determine the hit timing, the pattern of the pulses does not necessarily need to follow the "Rea" and "Get"s exactly.

Starting from the end of a cue-in pattern, all intended hits must be "Set"s until a pulse is encountered, which must be a "Get". From there, all preceding pulses must be "Gets" until the preceding hit, which must be a "Dy". Then from there, all pulses must be "Rea"s, and all hits must be "Dy"s. A pattern must not end in "Rea" or "Get", nor start with "Go".

Remember: "Rea" = Pulse, "Dy" = Hit, "Get" = Pulse, "Set" = Hit, "Go" = Pulse.

"Rea - Dy" is generally included in faster patterns to provide more reaction time, or in complex patterns that cannot be cued-in using "Get - Set - Go" alone. The two different cue-in voices allow for two simultaneous oneshot or squareshot patterns, typically on different rows.

A "Set - Go" cue-in can be used to reinitiate the previous oneshot pattern.

The combined "And Stop" event is not recommended because it doesn't sync to the bpm. Instead use the "And" & "Stop" events seperately.



  • Oneshots are inspired by, and very similar to the classic percussion pattern of a kick drum on beats 1 and 3, as well as a snare or clap on beats 2 and 4. ("Boom Tschak")