The 90's Decision

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The 90's Decision
Screenshot of the level The 90's Decision
"Oh no, I think Buro is trying to steal her donut back..."
Level No.MD-3
Pre-clearThe visitors have spotted Secretary Richard Hugh at the Roller Disco. Their heart rates have spiked erratically.
Post-clearThe visitors have returned, and are consuming high amounts of sugar before returning to their rooms.
SThis donut is...perfect!
A (10)This donut is...delicious!
B (24)This donut is...pretty good!
C (40)This donut is...not as good as I hoped.
D (60)This donut is...stale.
FEww! The donut's squashed on the floor!
Muse Dash Collab
← MD-2 tape/stop/night
"That was fun! A perfect way to round out our trip."

The 90's Decision (MD-3) is a level in Rhythm Doctor. It is part of the Muse Dash X Rhythm Doctor crossover event with PeroPero Games.

The track was created by MYUKKE, for Muse Dash.


Marija, Buro, and Rin are skating at the Roller Disco, as Buro nervously attempts to practice skating, serving as a tutorial for her new swung heartbeat. Rin asks if they can stop to get some food, before Marija answers that the snack bar is closed. Buro then reveals that she stole the donut that Richard Hugh was carrying, to Marija's surprise. The two of them ask Buro if she can share the donut, to which Buro obliges, before abruptly skating away and telling them to chase her if they want to have a piece of the donut to eat. The two then chase after Buro, with the Cockatiel, Owl, and Samurai appearing, also participating in the chase for the donut. The player treats all six of them as they skate through the Roller Disco, with Buro teasing her two friends in the middle of the level, before being surprised by the Samurai's appearance, being carried by a bird above her. The level continues on, with a brief cutaway to Edega watching the six of them from a monitor. As the level ends, the outcome of the chase is dependent on the player's letter rank. Given that the player cannot progress the story without achieving a B-rank or higher, it can be assumed that only the B-rank, A-rank, and S-rank outcomes actually take place.

The B-rank outcome involves Buro refusing to share the donut between her two friends, before promptly letting the Samurai eat the rest of it.

The A-rank outcome involves Buro stating that the donut is "great" and hesitating before finally sharing the donut with Marija and Rin.

Finally, the S-rank outcome involves Buro stating the donut is delicious, once again hesitating before finally deciding to share the donut between her two friends; however, a bird swoops in and steals the donut at the last minute, leaving Buro as the only person who got to taste it.

After the level, the three girls speak to Ian and Paige for the final time, as he urges them to take better care of their health and getting sleep. Rin initially refuses, before Marija insists on listening to Ian, causing Rin to reconsider. Marija then compliments Ian and Paige, stating that they are "Middlesea's greatest attraction," before Buro and Rin interrupt to state that they think otherwise. Rin then declares that the three of them will "stay up all night" at the hospital. Ian tries to insist that they get some sleep, to no avail, as the collab story ends.


MarijaSpriteS.png Buro, you don't have to skate so slowly! There's plenty of space!
BuroSpriteS.png Sorry...I've just never done something like this before.
RinSpriteS.png It's not so bad! Just get a running start and the skates will do the rest.
BuroSpriteS.png But!! Trying new things is scary! It always makes my heart race!
MarijaSpriteS.png Your...heart?
MarijaSpriteS.png Welp, here we go again.
If half the beats are missed:
RinSpriteS.png Hey, everyone's gotta start somewhere!
If half or more of the beats are hit:
RinSpriteS.png You're getting the hang of this!
MarijaSpriteS.png Should we pick up the pace and skate for real now?
BuroSpriteS.png Yeah, let's rumble!
RinSpriteS.png Wait, can we pause and get something to eat first? I could use a snack.
MarijaSpriteS.png Snack bar was closed. Trust me, I checked.
BuroSpriteS.png Sucks to be you! I stole my donut back from that old guy while he was talking on the phone!
MarijaSpriteS.png BURO!
MarijaSpriteS.png How did you even steal that donut back? The guy didn't eat it yet?
BuroSpriteS.png I guess not! And he brought it with him here! Look, he's over there, standing in the corner.
RinSpriteS.png Wow...weird coincidence.
RinSpriteS.png Do you...want to share it?
BuroSpriteS.png NO! Finders, keepers!
MarijaSpriteS.png I helped you chase that limo down...don't I get a bite?
BuroSpriteS.png Fine, fine, we can split it.

[Buro skates off-camera]


[Marija skates off-camera]

MarijaSpriteS.png Come back here!
RinSpriteS.png ...She got the hang of this pretty quickly.

[Rin skates off-camera]

[Camera pans to Owl, Cockatiel, and Samurai]

Samurai V1.png ...
Samurai V1.png Donut.
[Level start]
BuroSpriteS.png This donut is mine! I stole it from that suit guy, fair and square!
MarijaSpriteS.png Wait for me!!! I just want a little bite!

[Level midpoint]

BuroSpriteS.png What's wrong? Too hungry to skate any faster?!
BuroSpriteS.png Huh...? Who's that behind me?
Rank screen, if S-rank was achieved:
BuroSpriteS.png Oh my's delicious...
RinSpriteS.png Ugh, no need to brag...can we at least have some?
BuroSpriteS.png I don't think I can share this, it's too perfect...
MarijaSpriteS.png Buro! After all you put us through...
BuroSpriteS.png Okay, fine, you can have a little bit. Here...
BuroSpriteS.png WAIT, NOO!
BuroSpriteS.png It was could this happen?
Rank screen, if A-rank was achieved:
MarijaSpriteS.png it good?
BuroSpriteS.png It's great!
RinSpriteS.png Can we have some?
BuroSpriteS.png Let me think...
BuroSpriteS.png ...okay, fine! But just a little!
RinSpriteS.png Thank you!
MarijaSpriteS.png Phew...after all that skating...I don't know if I have the appetite anymore...
BuroSpriteS.png C'mon, have some!
MarijaSpriteS.png Okay, okay!
Rank screen, if B-rank was achieved:
RinSpriteS.png Well, how does it taste?
BuroSpriteS.png It tastes pretty good!
MarijaSpriteS.png Can we have some?
BuroSpriteS.png No!
Samurai V1.png Donut.
Samurai V1.png It looks delicious.
Samurai V1.png So hungry...
BuroSpriteS.png, you can have the rest!
RinSpriteS.png You're giving it to him?!
Rank screen, if C-rank was achieved:
MarijaSpriteS.png Well, how is it? Was it worth making us skate around trying to stop you?
BuroSpriteS.png It's okay.
RinSpriteS.png Only "okay"?!
BuroSpriteS.png Yeah, it's just okay. Maybe next time I'll get jelly-filled.
RinSpriteS.png We chased a car to try to get this donut!!!
Rank screen, if D-rank was achieved:
BuroSpriteS.png To be honest...this doesn't taste very good.
RinSpriteS.png After all of that?!
BuroSpriteS.png I was hoping for it to be-
BuroSpriteS.png Hey!!! A bird just stole my donut!!!
MarijaSpriteS.png I thought you said it wasn't good, why do you care that the bird took it?
BuroSpriteS.png It still belongs to me...
Rank screen, if F-rank was achieved:
BuroSpriteS.png NOOO! I accidentally dropped it!
RinSpriteS.png You DROPPED it?!
BuroSpriteS.png Wahh...I bet it was delicious, too...
MarijaSpriteS.png Let's just go back to the hospital...
PaigeSpriteS.png Glad to see you're back here safely.
IanSpriteS.png Yikes. You three are pretty reckless, y'know. (I'm pretty sure a lot of that was breaking the Disco's safety rules.)
IanSpriteS.png You should try thinking about your health and finally getting some sleep.
RinSpriteS.png Hey, it's our vacation! If we wanna go and-
MarijaSpriteS.png Rin, he's kind of right.
RinSpriteS.png ...fine, maybe.
PaigeSpriteS.png We suggest taking it easy and just staying inside.
PaigeSpriteS.png Maybe you movies or play a game? It's not really an adventurous vacation, but...
BuroSpriteS.png ...but it's still somethin'!
PaigeSpriteS.png Stay the night here, we'll keep an eye on you.
PaigeSpriteS.png Plus, there's plenty of other patients here to keep you company.
RinSpriteS.png Thanks, doc!
MarijaSpriteS.png You know, you mentioned our outfits before...
MarijaSpriteS.png I thought it would just be fun to dress up. It was kind of a joke, really, but...
MarijaSpriteS.png ...meeting you all, maybe we lucked out and found Middlesea's greatest attraction after all!
MarijaSpriteS.png The town's famously friendly and dedicated hospital staff!
PaigeSpriteS.png Aww!
BuroSpriteS.png Actually, I thought the food was cooler...
RinSpriteS.png Or maybe the Roller Disco...
IanSpriteS.png Oh.
RinSpriteS.png Alright then. New plan. An indoor, hospital-stay vacation. Time to stay up all night!
IanSpriteS.png What, no, you shouldn't-
RinSpriteS.png YEAH!!!
JanitorSmol.png I heard you ventured out to the Roller Disco recently.
JanitorSmol.png I know what you're wondering...
JanitorSmol.png ...yes, I've seen that Samurai skate.
JanitorSmol.png And yes, he's really good.


Don't let the beat stop I wanna, let's go
One, two
Booyah, yah, ooh
The beat go
Let's do the, hey, break it down
Come on!
Uh-uh, hey, party on
Uh, kick it

Here it goes

I can't put the dreams right behind me
We could want the fastest beat in reality
Let's go
Three, two, one
Let's go

Baby, how you movin'
I'm dancin' to the beat
(Fastest beat in reality)
Baby, how you movin', so crazy
It's time to awake and shine
(Fastest beat in reality)

Anybody out there yo, yo DJ

Let's do the, hey, break it down
Come on!
Yo, yo, DJ

Four, five style, in the water


  • All Muse Dash collab levels have the unique property of playing a voice clip from said game, which says "Full combo!" if the player achieves an S-rank. However, at launch, this level in particular lacked that unique feature.[1]


  • This is the first and only level thus far where the player's letter rank affects the outcome of the level, each letter rank having its own set of dialogue attached to it.
  • A voice clip from Muse Dash can be heard, saying "Full combo!" during the rank screen if the player achieved an S-rank on the level. This applies to all Muse Dash collab levels.