Song of the Sea

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Song of the Sea
Screenshot of the level Song of the Sea
"Want a drink? Come and sit for a while."
Level No.2-4
Pre-clearThe cafe is available for all staff during the workday. Feel free to relax and spend time with our in-house barista.
Post-clearFeel free to check-in on patients in the cafe at any time.
S (Press space at least once)you are now the cafe's in-house musician
Fdidn't wanna play anything for us? feeling shy?
Act 2
← 2-3 Puff Piece 2-X All The Times
2-4N Song of the Sea (Night)
"Come back anytime."

Song of the Sea (2-4) is a level in Rhythm Doctor. The Night Shift version is Song of the Sea (Night).

It is a cutscene level and has no beats to hit. The player can press the spacebar at any time to produce a note from a backing piano track.

The track was created by jjdf.


The player is invited into the cafe during quiet hours, where they are able to play notes on a keyboard as they wish. Cole walks into the cafe, prompting him and Nicole to have a long conversation where they banter and discuss several topics. At some point in the conversation, Nicole mentions that the song currently playing is a song she made when she was younger, which elicits a positive reaction from Cole. This then prompts Nicole to question Cole on why he needs coffee to write music, to which Cole responds by mentioning his creative struggles and how caffeine helps him focus. The two then bid goodbye to each other. After the level, Ian is sent to check on Cole. Paige and the player check on Nicole, who is initially healthy but then experiences a sudden chest pain requiring treatment.


NicoleSpriteS2.png Welcome. Take a seat.
NicoleSpriteS2.png Er, you're probably sitting already.
NicoleSpriteS2.png The rush hour's over, so things should be a little more low-key.
NicoleSpriteS2.png Make yourself comfortable. There's a dusty keyboard over there, maybe you can toy around with it.
NicoleSpriteS2.png Oh, look who it is.
Cole Spritesheet.png Hey! I'll get my usual.
NicoleSpriteS2.png The morning usual or afternoon usual?
Cole Spritesheet.png Afternoon. I'm just vibing for now.
NicoleSpriteS2.png Coming right up.
Cole Spritesheet.png You met the intern finger too, huh? Wild.
NicoleSpriteS2.png Yeah. I was just talking about you earlier, actually.
Cole Spritesheet.png Really?
NicoleSpriteS2.png Yeah, I was talking about how great the stuff on your Bandcloud is.
Cole Spritesheet.png Woah, for real?
Cole Spritesheet.png ...nah, you're lying.
NicoleSpriteS2.png Yeah. I'm lying.
NicoleSpriteS2.png I've got a job already. Can't be your "pass out my mixtapes" person.
Cole Spritesheet.png Sure you can. We're at that level of friendship, right?
NicoleSpriteS2.png Almost. Keep workin' at it, bud.
NicoleSpriteS.png Here's your order.
NicoleSpriteS2.png Don't tell number twenty-seven that I let you skip them in line.
Cole Spritesheet.png Secret's safe with me. Thanks.
Cole Spritesheet.png I know it's in a hospital, but is it weird to like the vibe in here?
NicoleSpriteS2.png You like it here?
Cole Spritesheet.png Yeah. It's got atmosphere, y'know?
NicoleSpriteS2.png Haha, whatever you say.
NicoleSpriteS2.png Aside from doctors, I'm used to serving hipster loners in here.
NicoleSpriteS.png So I'm glad I can help maintain your pristine, natural habitat.
Cole Spritesheet.png Hey...
NicoleSpriteS2.png Just kidding. Well, not really.
Cole Spritesheet.png I like this song. What is it?
NicoleSpriteS2.png I mean, it doesn't really have a name.
NicoleSpriteS2.png Just an old file I still put on sometimes.
Cole Spritesheet.png Wait... is this YOU? That's you, on guitar?
NicoleSpriteS.png Yeah. This is from a while ago. I used to dabble.
Cole Spritesheet.png Woah, that's awesome. I didn't realize you were a musician.
NicoleSpriteS2.png Heh, I'm not sure I'd call myself that. I just strum around.
Cole Spritesheet.png But still...this is great. It sets the mood.
NicoleSpriteS2.png I barely even remember making this.
NicoleSpriteS2.png It's like my younger self is here, keeping me company with her guitar.
NicoleSpriteS2.png Maybe that's why I keep it in rotation.
NicoleSpriteS2.png To keep myself company.
Cole Spritesheet.png Makes sense to me. I get that.
NicoleSpriteS2.png Y'know, you mentioned something yesterday, that you need coffee to write music.
NicoleSpriteS2.png Why is that?
Cole Spritesheet.png I don't know. Sometimes I can't come up with ideas.
Cole Spritesheet.png Other times...I just get in my own head.
Cole Spritesheet.png Like, "maybe I accidentally stole this chord progression from something I already heard..."
Cole Spritesheet.png I get trapped in's frustrating.
Cole Spritesheet.png But when I drink helps me stop thinking about that stuff.
Cole Spritesheet.png I can stay up late, so late that I can't even think straight.
Cole Spritesheet.png Then, finally, I can write music.
NicoleSpriteS2.png Well, glad I can help, then. All finished?
Cole Spritesheet.png Yeah. I should probably head to my room.
Cole Spritesheet.png See ya around, Nicole.
NicoleSpriteS2.png Thanks for the chat. Later!
IanSpriteS.png S-so that's two of our main SVT patients having episodes in one day.
IanSpriteS.png And both relapsed into the very habits causing it. (So much for self-control.)
PaigeSpriteS.png To be fair, you can't just kick a habit overnight.
PaigeSpriteS.png We should check in on them one more time before our shift is over.
PaigeSpriteS.png Ian, you go find Cole. The intern and I will check on the barista.
IanSpriteS.png A-alright.
NicoleSpriteS2.png Hey guys. What's up?
PaigeSpriteS.png Just checking in. How are you feeling?
NicoleSpriteS2.png Okay, for now. My shift's almost over.
NicoleSpriteS2.png I haven't taken any more smoke breaks. But it's tough.
NicoleSpriteS2.png Hard to stay numb during work. Coffee people are so impatient.
PaigeSpriteS.png Have you been able to take your mind off of it? Does anything help?
NicoleSpriteS2.png Hmm. Heh, actually, that red hoodie guy sent me a song he made once and now the song's stuck in my head.
NicoleSpriteS2.png So in a way, I guess that earworm sort of helps time go by.
NicoleSpriteS2.png Honestly, if every customer could be more like that dude, each day would be a lot easier.
NicoleSpriteS2.png ...!
PaigeSpriteS.png What's wrong?
NicoleSpriteS2.png My chest. Not feeling great.
PaigeSpriteS.png It'll be okay. The intern will help.
PaigeSpriteS.png Are you ready? Stay focused on the beat, no matter what.
JanitorSmol.png I heard you playing piano in the cafe earlier.
JanitorSmol.png Not gonna lie, it sounded like you were straight-up mashin' on the keys.
JanitorSmol.png I'm not sayin' it was bad! I'm just sayin' what I heard.
JanitorSmol.png Is that how the pros are doing it these days?

2P Changes[edit]

  • Player 1 has full control of the keyboard. Player 2's hand is also present but is only able to make the default input sound.