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"Without baseball... I feel like I'll just be that useless kid again."
First appearanceLucky Break
Internal nameAthlete
In-universe information
Full nameMaximo "Lucky" Jonronero
Alias (es)
  • Lucky Jonronero
  • Mr. Jonronero
  • Baseball Player
  • Coach

Maximo "Lucky" Jonronero is a character that appears in Rhythm Doctor. He is a Baseball Player for the Middlesea Scales and later on the game becomes the Coach for the Middlesea hospital team. He makes his first appearance in Lucky Break. He mostly uses Oneshot Beats and its many gimmicks such as Subdivision Beats, Freeze beats, Burn Beats, Blast Beats and Skipshots. He's also seen using Classic Beats on One Slip Too Late.


When on the field, he wears a white sport suit and red helmet. He's seen holding a baseball bat behind his head. He's also seen chewing gum, blowing it repeatedly. When he's submitted to the hospital, he's still wearing the suit, but he has no helmet or bat, and his right arm is in a cast.


As shown, Lucky is generally pretty brash and impulsive, as well as impatient. He's quick to anger, but seems quick to realize that anger (even asking for a pillow from Paige to scream into in the aftermath of 5-1). He puts a lot of weight on his fame before the end of 5-X, but grows to depend on it less by the end of Act 5, even denying the beta treatment that Dr. Edega offers to him in an attempt to appeal to his impatience. He also grows to care about his team, though he denies it.

It's said outright during 5-X that Lucky has a strained relationship with his parents, which could be why he depended on the fame and praise his fans gave him, and is why he turned to baseball in the first place.





  • His last name, Jonronero, translates to "home run hitter" in Spanish.