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"I feel like I should be...surprised? Instead, I just feel nothing. Moving on!"
First appearanceOne Shift More
Internal namePaige
  • Adog
Voiced byKaisha Zawawi & Jyi Sim
In-universe information
Full nameAda Paige
Alias (es)
  • Dr. Paige

Paige is a character that appears in Rhythm Doctor. Paige makes her first appearance in the tutorial of the game when she explains the 7 beat mechanic to the player. In levels, Paige uses primarily Swing beats, however is also seen using Row Xs.


Paige wears glasses with blue frames and a white lab coat with a light blue T-shirt underneath, along with dark brown shoes and a stethoscope. She is of average height, with light skin and long, brown hair. She also carries a red clown nose and Yo-Yo in her pockets, as seen in both her static "Happy" expression, and her walking "Happy" expression.


Paige has been shown to be a very caring person, even (as stated in her character description) to her own detriment, as she goes out of her way multiple times to give others a helping hand. For example, she allows Hailey to go on a trip during her hospital stay at the beginning of Act 4, and made a consolation prize out of soda cans for Ian during college. Additionally, interacting with the Janitor after completing Invisible reveals that she gave the eldest child of one of her patients a birthday gift.

It can also be assumed that Paige is a social person outside of work, though her being overworked has recently put strain on her relationships. For example, in One Shift More, she states that she has lost a lot of friends and was unable to be present for them because of how much work has been placed on her.


  • She is good friends and coworkers with Ian. It is also known that they went to college together.
  • She is the subordinate of Dr. Edega, whose passive-aggressive comments make her feel stressed or expendable.
  • Nicole and Paige seem to be friends, as Paige is seen venting about her stress to Nicole in Song of the Sea (Night).
  • Richard Hugh is seen complaining about her and the hospital. Paige is noticeably frustrated by this.
  • Otherwise, Paige has a positive relationship with all patients in the hospital.


As a patient

Other appearances



  • Ada Paige's name is likely to be a reference to Patch Adams[1]. This is further backed up by her having a clown nose in her Happy animation.
  • Her name is also a reference to Pagers[2], which are mentioned in 'One Shift More', where she gets paged to help patients.
  • Ada is 27 years old, as stated in her character description.