Meet and Tweet

Meet and Tweet (X-MAT) is a level in Rhythm Doctor. It was added as part of the Bits & Bops X Rhythm Doctor crossover event with Tempo Lab Games.

Meet and Tweet
Screenshot of the level Meet and Tweet
(The bird is looking to make a friend.)
Level No.X-MAT
Pre-clear[Another bird has flown into the hospital. This one has a strange heartbeat, can you check on it?]
Post-clear[The bird's owner came by. He seemed nice. Told us to check out his website Also, I think he was a dog? Or maybe a bear? But that can't be right...]
Syou've got rhythm like a songbird
A (5)you've got rhythm like a swan
B (10)you've got rhythm like a chicken
C (15)you've got rhythm like an emu
D (20)you've got rhythm like a buzzard
Fyou've got rhythm like a dodo
Bit & Bops Crossover
← 3-1 Sleepy Garden
(The bird has become really popular among patients.)

It introduces Syncopation.

The track is from the Bits & Bops original soundtrack, created by Julian "Zorsy" Sanchez.


The player focuses on treating the Wren, Cockatiel, and Canary characters, as well as the briefly appearing Parrot and Owl. Throughout the level, all five birds tweet at each other and exchange information about their lives, depicted through speech bubbles containing drawings, in a manner intended to replicate the visuals and gameplay of Bits & Bops's Meet & Tweet minigame.

The Wren speaks of how Hailey fed her a worm, and the Cockatiel replies by speaking of the ice cream that Mrs. Stevenson gave it. Then, the Wren replies by speaking of its experience in the woods, resting on a suit of armor as other birds gathered together to sing. The Cockatiel replies by speaking of its happy experience listening to Cole play guitar. Briefly, the Parrot joins in to speak of its experience flying through the hospital as the Janitor cleans up its stray feathers, unamused. The Cockatiel then speaks of its happy experience being drawn by Lucia, to which the Wren replies by speaking of its experience being photographed by Hailey on a tree stump. Briefly, the Owl joins in to speak of its experience snatching away papers from a distressed Paige. The Cockatiel and Wren then speak of their shared experience, meeting someone who was confused when first seeing them; the Cockatiel met Cole in the hospital, and the Wren met a bear in the forest. Then, the Canary joins in to sing, speaking of its experience meeting with the Wren, calling back to a Bits & Bops minigame where the two have a conversation sitting near the window. The Cockatiel replies by speaking of its experience meeting three baby birds. Although never specified, it can be assumed that the Owl, Parrot, and Oriole are those three birds in question. The level concludes with all three birds speaking of their positive experience having met each other. Paige and Mrs. Stevenson are depicted happily watching the Cockatiel befriend the Canary and Wren. Ian, the Parrot, and the Oriole observe from the right, while a monkey, cat, and Bop (all from Bits & Bops) observe from the left.


  H-hey...who let that bird fly through the window?
  I usually keep them closed, but Paige says the patients need "fresh air." So now this happens.
  A-alright, the system detected a strange heartbeat, I guess this is what we're doing now.
  If Paige ever tells you "Ian always misses out on the weird stuff," tell her she's super wrong.
  Hmm...interesting. The bird has a syncopated beat at the end.
  Basically, the seventh pulse comes in a little earlier than you'd expect it to.
  Don't worry about the math, you'll get a feel for it in the music.
  Let's hear what it sounds like.
  I hope that makes sense! Let's practice defibrillating.
If hit too early:
  A little too early!
If hit too late:
  Oops, a little late!
On hit:
If at least one beat was missed:
  Okay! I guess we're helping this bird now.
If all the beats are hit:
  Wow! Perfect!
  You never miss a beat around here, haha.
  Who knew that birds had heartbeats different from humans?
  Oh, I did!
  They're simply fascinating. Birds can have all sorts of heartbeats. Did you know that a hummingbird's heart beats at a speed of-
  Hi! I'm sure that's, uh, very interesting! But let's go talk about it in the hallway while the intern operates! Good luck intern, byeeeee!
[Level start]
  Look! See? A new bird!
  Huh? Never seen this one before.



  • In a Tiktok video upload by Tempo Lab Games[1], the former version of this level includes a yellow tint row event, a common visual cue of syncopation in community.