Easter eggs

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Easter Eggs

Rhythm Dogtor

You can see a secret code in Ada's room, which you can press in order to play a secret level, which is a parody of 3-X One Shift More. The code is: → ← → → ← → ← ← → ← → → ← → ← ←

Hurry Up!

In 3-X "One Shift More", after the line "But they've been waiting for so long", if the player doesn't press the last beat, the Politician's urging can be heard.

"Oh, come on, make your move! Hurry up!"
"You can do it, come on! Hurry up!"
"Any time. Now, come on! Let's go!"
"Make a move already, would you?"
"Oh.... bloody hell, hurry up already?"

After that, he'll press the last beat.

Special Sleeves

Entering "nbrights" or "transrights" in the Sleeve Paint screen will change your sleeve to the respective flag.

Christmas Metreenome

When you open the editor on Christmas, the metronome will look like a Christmas tree and the sound will change to bells.


Typing "Samurai." (with the dot and capital S) in the Story Mode select screen or Main Menu will change most text in the game to only display "Samurai." Floating Text events will only display one syllable per line, which will always be "Samurai." The text can also be changed back to normal by typing "Samurai." again.


While selecting a Oneshot Beat in the editor, holding Shift and H will allow you to make the pulse heart-shaped, similar to the final beat of All The Times.

Hidden Editor Characters

In the editor, holding Ctrl, Shift, and Alt and then changing a row's character will allow you to select characters otherwise not shown in the editor, such as Ian or Edega.

it wont let you in

If you repeatedly select a locked level, Edega will tell you to stop.