Act 1 is the first act of Rhythm Doctor.


The story starts with Ian prompting the intern to begin calibration for the Rhythm Doctor program. Once calibration has finished Ian will reveal he started playing a videogame due to the calibration taking too long and will instruct Paige to lead the intern to the first patient.




  Oh! Y-you're here!
  Thanks for joining Rhythm Doctor, our remote defibrillation program!
  We'd have liked to do this in person, but everyone's working from home these days...
  Anyways, before we begin, you need to know something important.
  Treating patients in Rhythm Doctor is ideally done by SLAMMING the spacebar.
  This is so that you can hear the spacebar's CLACK...
  ...and use your ears to tell you when the sound of your spacebar is perfectly in time with the beat.
  You might be in a situation where you cannot SLAM your spacebar. In that case, you can tap lightly to the beat instead.
  Do you prefer to SLAM or TAP?
[Player is asked to select preferred input style.]
If SLAM is selected: 
  OK! R-remember to SLAM the spacebar when playing Rhythm Doctor.
If TAP is selected: 
  OK! R-remember to tap the spacebar when playing Rhythm Doctor.
[Calibration continues.]
  Now to make sure the sound is synced to what you see in your screen, let's do some visual calibration.
  Please turn your volume up to hear the beeps.
  In this part, press LEFT or RIGHT to make the green lights blink earlier or later.
  Try to match it so the green lights blink at the same time as the beep sounds.
  When you feel they are in sync, press SPACE to confirm.
 [Player is asked to sync the beep sounds with the blinking bars.]
  A-awesome! Visuals should now be synced to audio.
  Finally, we have to calibrate your spacebar's input.
  (Last part, I promise.)
  [Player is asked to calibrate input latency]
  Press SPACE on the seventh beat. Try to be as accurate as possible.
  Start now!
[Calibration ends.]
  Your inputs should now be properly calibrated. You should now be ready to treat patients, good luck!
  Okay, you're all set up!
  You know, you're our first remote intern. We could really use the help.
  I actually, uh, started up a game because the calibration took so long.
  It's a ranked match, so I can't quit out right now. I'm almost done.
  Your first patient's over there. Dr Paige can help you out.
  ...Ian, this was your job.

[Tutorial Begins]

  Alright, you, behind your computer. Hi!
  Our shift is really busy right now, so let's get right to it.
  We treat patients suffering from different chest pains and heart conditions.
  You treat patients by pressing your spacebar on the seventh beat.
  Got it? Listen to the music and press only on the seventh beat.
  Here we go.
On hit:
  Perfect, keep going!
  Looks like you've got internal rhythm.
  Excellent, keep going.
  That's it. One more time, without cues.
[Tutorial Ends]
  Great, you've got the hang of it.
  Looks like we're ready to move on.
  (I lost my match, though...)
  We've got a lot of patients to treat, so let's get started.

[Immediate Transition to Samurai Techno]