Unsustainable Inconsolable

Unsustainable Inconsolable (5-2N) is a level in Rhythm Doctor. It is the Night Shift version of Lo-fi Beats For Patients To Chill To.

Unsustainable Inconsolable
Screenshot of the level Unsustainable Inconsolable
"Can't you ease the pain with some heat?"
Level No.5-2N
BPM176, 100, 80
Patient(s)Maximo "Lucky" Jonronero
Pre-clearPatient is experiencing muscle pain again. Find a new method for relief. Warning: procedure will be difficult.
Post-clearPatient's pain successfully subsided. For now.
Sunstoppable inferno
A (10)burning with passion
B (25)toasty warm
C (35)mild
D (50)extinguished
Act 5 Night
← 5-1N One Slip Too Late
5-2 Lo-fi Beats For Patients To Chill To
"Alright... maybe that was too much."

It introduces Burn Beats.

The track was created by Patricia Taxxon.




2-player modeEdit

There are 2 Luckys, and each player treats one. Player 1 has freeze beats while player 2 has burn beats. Each time player 2 has a burn beat, player 1 has a skipshot, but not the other way around; whenever player 1 has a freeze beat, player 2 continues the oneshot pattern as normal. During the final segment, players 1 and 2 alternate between who has a triangleshot pattern and who does not, but both play the quintuplet at the end.


  A-all I'm saying is..
  The best part about the rhythm defibrillator is that it's designed to do one thing and do it well.
  It regulates irregular heartbeats. That's it.
  Your obsession with keeping this system elegant and streamlined is getting old.
  Your "freeze beat" prototype passed the first test. This tech has so much more to offer.
  I mean, sort of? But there is still a lot I need to do to help get the previous patients ready to go home.
  Ada and I have been trying to finish their treatments. B-but you keep asking me to make all these new-
  I'm not asking.
  Looks like the intern is here. How nosy. Go ahead, show them what you came up with.
  H-hey! I've got another rhythm treatment for muscle pain.
  Sometimes, the freeze beats aren't enough on their own.
  So...uh, I tried reversing all the plugs from the cooling console...
  ...and now it creates a blast of heat that shortens the next heartbeat!
  I think it will be soothing. Like a hot spring in your veins! (Maybe.)
  I'll show you. You watch, I'll demo it.
  Alright! Let's practice!
  I don't really have a name for this treatment. We can call them, uhh... burn beats?
  Just like freeze beats, burn beats can change up their timing. Just listen to the cue and you'll be fine.
  Now, let's try alternating between both treatments.
If just one beat is missed::
  Wow, perfect. You learn quickly! It...sort of freaks me out? Haha.
If half the beats are hit::
  Good enough!
  That baseball guy keeps bugging me to try another treatment on him.
  This still isn't a magic fix for his shoulder, but maybe it'll keep the pain down.
  Good luck!
[Lucky] Alright, alright, you've tried like a million treatment thingies.
[Lucky] But everything just wears off after a few hours!
[Lucky] Do any of these things actually work?
  Patience, Mr Jonronero.
  This work requires careful long-term planning. Something you're new to, I'm sure.
  You'll have full use of your shoulder when development is finished. Now, I have things to do. Enjoy your day.
[Lucky] Gee, thanks.
  If it's any consolation...
  ...I've never seen him talk to a patient this much before!
  Are the doctors supposed to stay the night here?
  That Ian guy keeps working late.
  He rushes home, but then comes back an hour or two later right as I'm leaving.
  When I come back the next morning, he's still there. Tapping away the computer.
  What could be so important that he stays here, wrecking his sleep schedule?
  .......................................it better not be Boblox.



-The official 7th Beat Games upload of this song on their Youtube differs in some ways compared to the version found in the files of the game. When phase inverted with each other, it reveals that the Youtube upload includes the hitsounds (as the level's hitsounds are the main drums you hear) and has different mixing and mastering compared to the in-game file.