Pro Wrestler

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Pro Wrestler
Internal nameBodybuilder
In-universe information
OccupationPro Wrestler

The Pro Wrestler is an editor only character in the early access build of Rhythm Doctor.


The Pro Wrestler is a buff man with a red, orange, and yellow robe, a red wrestling mask on his head, and red wristbands


  • The Pro Wrestler originated in the flash demo version of Classy, in the form of Bodybuilder.


  • Pro Wrestler uses several conditional expressions:
    • His initial robe wearing neutral expression, unaffected by any misses.
    • Upon hitting one beat, he removes his robe, and flexes his pectoral muscles.
    • When getting a hit in his robeless form, he will play a second happy expression, with glowing eyes and a different pose. He will remain in this state until the player misses.
    • Should one miss one of his beats in any robeless expression, a fist will collide with his face, and return to a variation of his robeless neutral expression, however his eyes are fully open, and his mouth is open, showing a missing tooth.
    • When getting a hit in his injured form, he will play similar happy expression to the one with glowing eyes, with the key difference of him missing his tooth.
  • There's an act 5 teaser depicting several characters in awe of a censored character's presence, which, in conjunction with the Pro Wrestler's title, led many to speculate his appearance in act 5.
  • The Pro Wrestler is the only patient character who consistently has a shadow in their sprite, and one of 3 characters that appears in the built in level editor character picker, but not story mode (the other two being Logan - Raya and None).