Flash Demo

This is the Flash Demo made by Hafiz Azman and Winston Lee.

Flash Demo
Flash Demo Screenshot.png
"a hidden kanye"
Pre-Early Access
Closed Beta Closed Beta


The game starts with an loading sequence then after it is finished the player is prompted to press the space bar. After which a opening cutscene appears. The player is then greeted by the title screen. The game features 8 Day Shift levels and 3 Night Shift levels.



  • Tier 1 Oriental Techno
  • Tier 2 Intimate
  • Boss 1 Oriental Insomniac
  • Tier 3 Classy
  • Bonus
  • Tier 4 ???
  • Tier 5 ???
  • Tier 6 ???


  • Tier 1 Oriental Techno (Hard)
  • Tier 2 Intimate (Hard)
  • Tier 3 Classy (Hard)


  • Oriental Techno C
  • Kanye
  • Steinway


  • This version has many updates from bug fixes to updated names.
  • There was an IGF build[1].


  • There was an older opening sequence with different music and a different transition to the title screen.
  • There is a Kanye Demo[2] and a Steinway Demo[3].
  • By pressing "Q" + "U" activates debug mode.
  • Tier 5 is the only level that breaks and to fix this a person must have a MP3 file of Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People labelled "kicks1" and place it with all the other music files.
  • Two songs got cut from the Downloadable version[4]